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@brockohurn 2.8kk

Brock O'Hurn

Model and fitnesscoach

1/14/16, 2:05 AM

Forever Flawless what a hunk @brockohurn


Hoy sueños con los angelitos.


I'm working on it.


@brockohurn Bravo! Well said.


カッコイイ so cool


Wow, so handsome


YOU are truly PERFECTION AT ITS FINEST BABE🏽 @brockohurn


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh lord!!!!!!! All my life where have you been, maybe cuz you're tall, you can't see me lol @brockohurn


Dear sweet baby Jesus


Goodnight and sweetdreams @brockohurn


You're my sexdream... no guys like you around


Me either hun. Me either... You'll be mine one day lol


You inspire me, Brock.


I like ur message! Very true, never give up, never settle for less.


The only thing I wanna know is how many women touch themselves to this dude


You're in Atlanta! Enjoy my city! I hope you love it!


Ur eyes are so blue and pretty


I'm willing to sit on your face @brockohurn


I am determined to make you a pie!


Your quotes are really inspiring. Thank you for sharing


The point is... i still dont have pretty clear what i wanna do


Weird question but how did you decide exactly what you want?! Or which goals are the most important. X


I am so in love with ur eyes omg ....u r a very handsome man...


You are beautiful, but let me please clean up your brows just a bit....it makes a difference, albeit for you it doesn't really matter that much


Into the wild ?

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