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Canadian rapper, songwriter, and actor

7/17/14, 7:34 AM

I remember that song I'm coming back I'm coming back


So is that Bria? @champagnepapi


Bria Miles so bad!


@champagnepapi lol I wonder if this liking every picture works


Shes so adorable


That's my song!!


Sorry. That girl's got to go


Bria is everything


If you stop reading this you will die. Post on 7 other pictures or your mum will die at 11:05




Loved that song. Still do actually!


Soundcloud: WeberMagic, I do it for my haters!!!


Follow back papi


Drake love black girls


Even though your all alone I just want to keep you warm ..promise that I won't be long


The genius of the track was the Missy Eliot sample off the timbo beat


Forever beast @champagnepapi


Yo phone prolly be doin numbers


this used to be my shittt


Now where's Cece?


This is great


run a train


My favorite! @champagnepapi listen to it all the time


Omg my two dreams in one photo......you always give me a piece of heaven @champagnepapi ........sorry O nothing personal lol


I ♡♡ this song @champagnepapi


Need a classic interlude on the next jaunt


Dm back when you get a chance


...so in conclusion, Bria is bae


I just wanna touch you, but I'm so far away.. all I wanna do is give you all of me now are you ready? brias interlude


That was my song too!


@champagnepapi Bria's my favorite.....


She reminds me of sevyn streeter


I love u


Nossssa cara, meus amores juntos


Omarion he not dead ? Damn we're bra been at ?


PAPI u in anaconda!!!!!!!!!!


Haven't hear that song in forever, damn!


Is that Bria from Bria's interlude?


@champagnepapi Battle MOOK so you can get fucking Embarrassed like Joe Budden did!!!


i love you @champagnepapi


If your read this it's to late. I'm salt I have no eyes. Pass this into 5 picture or I will kill you in 5 days at 12


I LOVED IT!! Man !!!


Bria is à beautiful black woman


She look thick


i love you @champagnepapi


Jam of note


U should totally date Bria!!! @champagnepapi she sooo bad


So wait you fucked Omarion's wife


Very good looking here :)


Nice picture @champagnepapi

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