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@therock 96.5kk

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

American actor and professional wrestler

2/10/16, 9:21 AM

My last price of candy was yesterday smh I gotta do better @therock


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Damm that is one sexy but strong guy.


1989 is the first time i ate candy . Your missing out


Lol, the last piece I candy I had was YESTERDAY, still rockin' a six pack AND benched 600 raw last week, BOOM! Rock on brother @therock


Your such an inspiration on so many levels! Love you and all you do!!! Friend in my head @therock


If you can smeeeeeell... What the rock is cooking


I love you soooo much!!! You inspire to keep going through my workouts every day. When I think I can't go on I think of you & keep me going! Thank you! @therock Not to mention the amazing movies you've made.


Carai, ta o bixu mesmo


Best wishes! You always get it done! You're inspirational!🏽


If u smellllllllaaaa u...wht th e rck.is cooking..


The face at the end looks like you just survived a planetary crash landing unscathed


Good job rocky


Idolo the rock ojala sea como vos


Working hard Rock, that is the way it should be...


But surely you need post workout carbs with your BCAAs...


Really? You haven't had any candy ever since? Chocolate? Cake?....


Man, what time you go to bed??


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Well. That's what steroids do to yah


I was born in 89!!! That's one old twizzler!!!


Looks like Goldberg


I thought this was stone cold


Show !!! Man " Man in sam in corpor san "


You are good


@therock are you going back in wwe??


Thanks for the goals. I was 1 in 1989.


I call bs on tye candy thing..


Rock you are a beast n all.. But I call Bullshit on that.. No chocolate candy in 27 years!!?


Lookin for beats? Check my profile! Lets work


We have muscular guys in Ghana but we can't use them in action movies. We can't even direct an action movie here. Help us in Ghana when you retire Mr.Johnson


I had a pack of twizzlers for breakfast. Lol


My man listening to that thuggish ruggish bone tho


Respect! Definitely my role model


No candy??? What is life without candy? Lol


You haven't had candy since 1989


Kamaal e krti


@therock i think you fart


Pero cuanto se levanta??? 170kg?


I'll be in one of your movies I swear it


Why you give up candy @therock


Bien amigo la roca


Your trainer is jay glazer?


Get at it 🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽🏽


I can hardly believe that was your last piece of candy


Reading what you have to say is inspiring @therock. Great stuff.


Role model. Been your fan since I was 11 years old


your and the usos Are the best


bumping that Bone Thugs in the background


Stone Cold... Is that you?

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