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Алекс Парди
Деятель искусств
After scanning the raw painting in 4 pieces and opening them in Photoshop, it will look like a jumbled, drunken Ke$ha. But don't worry, there's a tool in PS that will sober up your painting quickly. It's the "Auto Blend" function under the "edit menu". It takes some practice, but it's the greatest thing since sliced tape. Get your layers to match up the best you can manually, then play with the auto blend (panoramic) function. When you figure it out. It will save you tons of minutes.

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10.01.2014, в 06:43
Interesting. I just use a better light camera system that shoots in 4 quadrants them put it all back for ya all likity split. That's how we shoot most of Sean dietrichs art. Dope system just expensive 😬. U think u and Sean are acquaintances? Love ur stuff man!!
05.01.2014, в 23:21
Enjoying all the process talk and the added insight into what it's like in your brain with the humorous punch lines. Keep it up.
05.01.2014, в 13:24
@alexpardee Gosh your captions lately have been hilarious but yet very informative. Your art is amazing and i've been a fan for years now, I hope one day I can meet you and own an original piece of your work. Thank you for making the world, or MY world a better place with your art(:
05.01.2014, в 10:49
Just as a note, there are a number of various panorama makin programs that automatically pic-stitch for you. Just have to check to make sure that they're quality enough to deal with the high resolutions.
05.01.2014, в 09:56
This is the tip I've been waiting for. Thanks for everything Alex. You rock, don't ever change!
05.01.2014, в 09:28
Loved watching your progress on this and the commentary!
05.01.2014, в 08:47
Thanks for the tips man !
05.01.2014, в 08:12
Personally I love the imperfection of the scan @alexpardee . I think it adds another cool layer
05.01.2014, в 08:04
Sick, deadly colors
05.01.2014, в 08:01
I just went through the entire process you posted on how this painting came to be and holy shit do I have a newfound respect for/desire-to-purchase-prints from you. Also, I laughed a lot. Nice.
05.01.2014, в 07:54
Aw man auto blend? Wish I knew about that before.
05.01.2014, в 07:52
Holding out for that "auto paint" feature.
05.01.2014, в 07:50
Photomerge does it too, and totally automatically!
05.01.2014, в 07:44
Is this in the new PS? I'm used to using a mask and hand painting.. This would be a blessing
05.01.2014, в 07:41
I really love this
05.01.2014, в 07:40
Seems like a lot of unnecessary time fixing it. Why not go to a place that can scan the entire image?
05.01.2014, в 07:38
That's the best description ever! This is coming out so epic! Love seeing come to its epicness
05.01.2014, в 07:36
So cool that you're posting this whole process on instagram. I love watching it come together!
05.01.2014, в 07:36
This is gorgeous 😱
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