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Касси Хо
Тренер и автор книг по пилатесу
Tomorrow I'm uploading my "what I eat in a day" video! Thank you for the suggestion. I had a lot of fun recording my meals!! It was like taking food pics for Instagram all day long! Can't go wrong with that! (Anyone else guilty of making your table guests wait to eat dinner until you get a decent pic?) Oops just me? Ok. Bye.

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27.04.2015, в 05:51
I watched it just now & start fall in love with blog and videos...😂
26.10.2014, в 00:02
I'm watching that right nowwwww! @blogilates
17.10.2014, в 05:18
16.10.2014, в 05:41
14.10.2014, в 02:05
@esraaabubakr تابعيها
11.10.2014, в 21:11
The banana girl diet is way better than hers because it works long term, she is depriving herself of carbs which will only lead to her binging out and gaining weight. Low carb, low calorie diets will only make you lose weight short term, and she is not intaking enough glucose or carbs for her brain to run off! Cutting down on carbs and calorie restricting is only going to make her hungry and she will be like a yoyo because she will lose weight, binge out and gain weight, lose weight, binge out and gain weight. It's like a vicious circle! I encourage her to listen to freelee and go raw till 4! It does work!!!!
04.10.2014, в 23:15
I tried banana girl diet and I was still always hungry then I binged on everything! the key is moderation in everything!
28.09.2014, в 23:52
Freelee is a gimmick 😂😂😂
28.09.2014, в 22:52
@aubrey.law By mainstream I mean anything open to public via sources of social media or in most books. I encourage you to read published scholarly papers or research studies instead because it is a much more unbiased and more scientific form of information outlet than what you can easily find in the web that could be exaggerated interpretations of findings (try using google scholar). Eating animal products does not cause arteriolosclerosis, its living a bad and unhealthy lifestyle especially high in processed meat and fat in general. Don't be mistaken by this and this relates to conditions out of having too much protein in a day as well. There are vitamins and minerals that you would be deficient in if you eat purely protein which can suggest as to why you would have health issues since you aren't having a well rounded diet overall. This is a correlation but NOT a causation for health issues. And yes the cancer might be higher but that is due to the amount of chemicals certain manufactures out into meat as a preservative, especially the processed variety. I'd also like to say what you're doing is advocating is what works for you, all our body chemistries are different and lots of us come from different parts of the world that might not have as much access to the foods you eat or vice versa. We're supposed to adapt to what is available to us in the area we live in and we're all biological make up as well. I'm sure there are just as many people who have tried and realized rawtill4 doesn't work for them and same where they find it works great
28.09.2014, в 22:11
@eatmunchlove It is a fact that our body runs off of glucose(carbs) specifically from fruit. I am not sure what you mean when you say some of the stuff I post is mainstream because mainstream literally tells you to eat low carb high protein low. The way our entire anatomy is designed shows that we are plant-eaters which is why consuming any animal products leads to developing arteriosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arterial walls. Any carnivore/omnivore is completely immune to developing this and all herbivorous animals are not, humans included. This is a fact. What's also a fact is that there are a multitude of conditions you can get from having too much protein (which would account for most of the world). Receiving just 20% of your calories from protein in a day is way over the limit. Anyone who eats a diet rich in protein, animal protein to be specific, are 4x more likely to develop cancer and die than someone on a low protein diet. The risk is nearly as high as the danger of developing cancer by smoking 20 cigarettes each day. So no, the stuff I post is so against mainstreams image of a low carb high protein diet.
28.09.2014, в 21:56
@aubrey.law I did have a look at your profile page and I noticed the research you are referring to are from mainstream media or websites. These aren't necessarily sources that can be unbiased nor are they research papers. I'm not saying the way you eat is wrong because if that works for tour body optimally that's great but keep in mind that there are just as many articles and research done out there that say eating pure carbs daily and close to no protein/fat can be harmful for your body as well. Everyone has their own personal body goals and freelee does more cardio so she would need more carbs because carbs help fuel exercises like that more productively. Some people like may of the POPsters following Cassey want to build muscle and tone so more protein would be needed. 😃
28.09.2014, в 21:44
@eatmunchlove I encourage you to take about 5 seconds looking at my page and you'll see that I very much do my own research on this. I've been watching freelees videos for over a year now so I know a lot of what she's about, HOWEVER freelee is absolutely not my main source of information I resort to when looking into things at multiple sources and connect the dots. And from what Casey has shown in that one video shows she needs more carbs than she's allowing herself. Freelee gets nothing personal out of sharing her lifestyle with othera. Freelee is already saved from developing any condition that comes with eating animal products and/or a low carb diet. Casey, however, is not, as shown in her video. That's why freelee is reaching out to her in hopes to change her life or at least give her a new perspective.
28.09.2014, в 21:37
@aubrey.law @nxcol I don't know the two of you but I was wondering if anyone has done their OWN thorough research on what freelee says I'm not saying she's wrong or right but I hope you have done your own research on the topic before making any judgments about it on your own. These days lots of research is funded by certain companies to make things look certain ways (ex. Fast food corporations made pizza get certified as a vegetable). More importantly, this is ONE GLIMPSE of Casey's ONE day of meals. She eats more protein or more carbs depending on what her training goals are which can vary. Thus ONE 10 minute video doesn't define her or her food lifestyle.
27.09.2014, в 17:41
@teenfitspo I totally agree with you
25.09.2014, в 15:32
Love you Cassey❤️
25.09.2014, в 15:30
Just stating an opinion here but none of you are Cassey. Only she can decide what to eat and what is best for her. If you didn't realise her body doesn't handle well with refined carbs etc hence her food choices. She uploaded this video to give people ideas: not to tell them they have to join her diet. Freelees diet is not the greatest thing in the world. Everything in moderation is best. You don't have to be thin; just fit and healthy. Cassey doesn't state "have to's" in her video, freelee does.
24.09.2014, в 10:12
I agree @healthyisbalance @jessgc_fitlife she's is amazing but I do not think she promotes a healthy diet
24.09.2014, в 10:03
@jessgc_fitlife I love Cassie! But I gotta agree with you :/
24.09.2014, в 03:50
Imitation crab and shrimp on a salad? 😷 not digging that
23.09.2014, в 23:40
That video is unbelievable... a lot of young girls follow you and that diet you follow is faaaar from healthy. Carbs are the main fuel for our bodies. And you eat less than 1500 calories a day. Thats maybe why you yoyo sometimes :/
23.09.2014, в 06:31
@aubrey.law I was specifically talking about her stirring up drama for publicity and profit. I didn't reply about the other long list of things you mentioned because I'm not concerned. I've been a vegetarian/vegan since 10 I know the facts (some are exaggerated) I know many local farmers I'm well aware. I don't like how freelee comes off. It turns so many people away from the lifestyle. I didn't mean to sound bitchy I could have been more mature in my response. I just don't feel like if your happy and doing things right you need to call people out in that way let your work speak for you.
23.09.2014, в 05:38
@ladyjedi Well you have your mind made up 👌 that's why you couldn't reply to any of the facts I said. Peaceeee✌
23.09.2014, в 05:35
@aubrey.law she cares about selling books and making money off of YouTube which is why she starts drama. Any idiot could see that.
22.09.2014, в 15:51
@bianca__jade I watched this and saw the quest idea 🙌😋
22.09.2014, в 02:01
Cassey, your videos and advice are all about PUMPING UP your followers and that is why you're amazing!!! You are so sweet, positive, nice, suuuuper encouraging, RESPECTFUL, and, most importantly, loving! I follow you because you honestly make me (and I'm sure other followers too) feel better about myself and inspire me to me the best me! Love you Cassey! Thank you so much!! @blogilates
21.09.2014, в 10:09
@because_kiki 👌🙌😂
21.09.2014, в 06:43
Why do you guys care so much? It's her body, let her eat how she wants to eat. You guys are giving Vegans a bad rep with your bullying tactics. I loooooove chicken too much to ever give it up. 😂
21.09.2014, в 05:16
@nxcol thanks! 😉 Just thought I'd bust out some facts for people and hopefully Cassie to chew over.. She def needs more carbs, she just doesn't realize fat is what makes you fat, but carbs give you energy since we run off glucose. #carbthefuckup @blogilates!
21.09.2014, в 05:13
@nxcol thanks! 😉 Just thought I'd bust out some facts for people and hopefully Cassie to chew over.. She def needs more carbs, she just doesn't realize fat is what makes you fat, but carbs give you energy since we run off glucose. #carbthefuckup @blogilates!
21.09.2014, в 05:09
@blogilates please watch @freeleethebananagirl on YouTube! You won't regret it!!!
21.09.2014, в 05:05
@aubrey.law amen sister! Preach it girl! Casey hardly eats carbs which is so dangerous considering how much exercise she is doing, not to mention how much fat and cholesterol she's eating
21.09.2014, в 04:58
My sis and her fren have been flowing ur work out and I could see tremendous result on them ..... And now I have start working out ur cardio and other work out and m hoping the same result on me @blogilates and if you could tell me the right way of diet . Xoxo
21.09.2014, в 04:17
@freeleethebananagirl cares which is why she reaches out to others with large audiences. It makes most sense if she addresses someone with a lot of influence to spread the message that veganism is our biological diet. It is not because she wants everyone to live "her" way with zero reasoning. 70% of grains grown are fed to livestock. Stopping animal agriculture would fix world hunger. It would also solve the worlds water shortage issue, as it takes 442 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. Animal agriculture contributes to environmental issues MORE than the entire transportation system put together (cars busses trains planes etc). In countries where the most animal products are consumed, you'll also find the most deaths from heart disease and cancer. Freelee is doing all she can to save the planet. I hope Cassie watches freelees video and makes the choice to do the same.
21.09.2014, в 02:26
Take off the shrimp and you're good
21.09.2014, в 02:00
I did cringe at the imitation crab, but her diet works for her. People wanted to know what she eats on a normal day and she showed them. Freelee lost her credibility when she started talking about the tired, old "starvation mode" topic. Sorry it's been debunked.
20.09.2014, в 21:56
Imitation crab is incredibly processed and bad for the environment. Pollock is overfished (or it is unsustainably farm raised). The pollock is pulverized with gmo soy, corn, and sugar to create imitation crab. Freelee's fans don't want to see a nice girl like you eating low calorie high protein meals. Protein and fat are so hard for the body to digest! Get carbs and fiber! Thousands of people have had amazing success with #rawtil4. We want to help you!
20.09.2014, в 19:55
No one cares about free lee. She always has to talk about someone else .
20.09.2014, в 17:46
CASSEY IS HEALTHY AND A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL FOR EVERYONE! 💕💕💕💕💕 Don't even bother with Freelee, she eats ridiculously insane! I find it sad how Freelee picks apart people's lifestyles just because they aren't like hers! Everyone is different, clearly she does not grasp that yet! LOVE YOU CASSEY NO MATTER WHAT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ POPSTERS HAVE GOT YOUR BACK!! 🙆🙆🙆🙆
20.09.2014, в 16:25
Freelee the banana girl did a video pulling apart your daily diet saying youre starving yorself tc... :(
20.09.2014, в 15:42
Pls watch @freeleethebananagirl video abt this video of yours ;)
20.09.2014, в 15:13
@freeleethebananagirl just done a good video on your diet. I think you would benefit from watching it
20.09.2014, в 14:41
Pls go and watch @freeleethebananagirl Video on your diet🙏
20.09.2014, в 14:13
I think you should watch @freeleethebananagirl responding video. No offense, but she really has a point. I know your diet is none of my business, but eating a little more carbs could be very helpful for you, especially if you train, and encouraging others to deprive themselves of their main source of energy is anything else but kind and productive
19.09.2014, в 00:23
Thanks @jasminenstarr x
18.09.2014, в 21:39
18.09.2014, в 19:17
Mmmmmm 😗😘💖
18.09.2014, в 17:17
@danielleboudville, blogilates is all about listening to your body, if you are sick and must rest then do so. Slowly work back into full calender mode and do what you can for that month when you are better. You don't need to follow the calender exactly.. it is a guide to help you stay on track.
18.09.2014, в 16:54
@blogilates what about when im sick? If i follow the calendar do i rest a few days? How long? When can i start exercising again and do i catch up on the calendar or just start from that day(your calendar-btw love it so much <3)
18.09.2014, в 16:34
Looks good
18.09.2014, в 16:28
That looks amazingggg!😍
18.09.2014, в 15:42
@macy_31 saw this crab and realized we missed crab legs last night
18.09.2014, в 15:35
Ha ha I do the same. No one touches the food until I take that picture 😳
18.09.2014, в 14:12
Ja man leckeer
18.09.2014, в 14:11
That looks so good omg!
18.09.2014, в 14:04
This is u haha @kylie_brazier
18.09.2014, в 13:43
U should make a videos for teenagers about how to build self esteem or dealing with stresss!! You should cooperate this with your awesome exercises!!
18.09.2014, в 13:27
*LOT @groovyroo
18.09.2014, в 13:27
@groovyroo if you want, we can speak in spanish/portuguese about this (I live in Latin America, but I used to live overseas as well). If you want to start a healthy lifestyle, makr sure you start off slowly and gradually adopt new foods. If you want to continue eating your home countrys food, no problem! Here in Brazil everyone eats rice and beans and turns out the combibation has a POT of protein, which is amazing for you
18.09.2014, в 13:10
So excited!
18.09.2014, в 13:03
Why are you afraid for salads? @groovyroo
18.09.2014, в 12:00
Perhaps She will not read this. But I want to be healthy and I have the biggest problem since I move out of my home country in LatinAmerica Am living in Europe and Although food is good Now I have troubles in choosing healthy food and trying new things I only want to eat food that taste I reminds me home... I don't know what to do. Also my biggest problem is that I am pretty afraid to salads....
18.09.2014, в 11:59
Please check out my drawings
18.09.2014, в 11:34
Omg that looks delicious.
18.09.2014, в 11:15
@carlayyoungg what exercise you're doing? And how long? What sort of food you're taking in, probably certain habit might cause your weight or body not changing
18.09.2014, в 11:10
I'm always like "Wait, don't touch it yet! Let me take a pic first!" 😂
18.09.2014, в 10:49
18.09.2014, в 10:46
I exercise everyday and I feel like nothing's improving :( please help im so self conscious
18.09.2014, в 10:39
Why only one day? 😃 make two!! 😁
18.09.2014, в 10:33
Hahahah me and my mum all the time !!! Hahaha @blogilates can't wait to see the video ,cass!!! 🙏🙌😂
18.09.2014, в 10:33
18.09.2014, в 10:26
Can't wait to see this video. Been waiting for you to upload this.
18.09.2014, в 10:23
18.09.2014, в 10:20
You're not the only one, @blogilates ! My ftiends and family have had enough of waitin' me taking a picture of almost every meals. Haha
18.09.2014, в 10:19
Always me haha xxx I with you sister hha 😂😘👏👍👌👊
18.09.2014, в 10:13
18.09.2014, в 10:07
@samanthalarue I won't stop!
18.09.2014, в 10:03
@timid_enthusiast she has a cheap, clean eats series! Theyre inexpensive meal ideas and recipes for healthy versions of foods we love but arent good for us :)
18.09.2014, в 09:56
18.09.2014, в 09:54
Do you think you could do a video or blog post on a healthy, clean and mostly affordable diet? @blogilates
18.09.2014, в 09:48
@blogilates I do it too! We are all maniacs!! #mariacristinaligorio #aloeveraebenessereflpcom ❤️❤️
18.09.2014, в 09:48
Cassey! A really off topic butt question for you: literally eeevvveryone has been saying that you can't make your butt bigger or rounder or anything without lifting. But you have butt videos where you say that the exercises you do will make the booty grow. I'm just confused and with that being my biggest area of concern, I must know. Thank you!
18.09.2014, в 09:46
Me too😉
18.09.2014, в 09:32
@blogilates Guilty too! I take and retake a picture to get a good one to put on Pinterest and/or Instagram 😊 And then we can eat 😋
18.09.2014, в 09:30
18.09.2014, в 09:29
Yesss! I cant wait to watch :) i snap pics of my food too! 📷🍴
18.09.2014, в 09:24
@adriannaaxx she did a video about protein and protein shakes. could be what you're looking for
18.09.2014, в 09:22
Hahaha same @blogilates
18.09.2014, в 09:19
That looks really good
18.09.2014, в 09:19
Keep the food snap chats coming! Even that is an inspiration 😉
18.09.2014, в 09:17
I just read a comment on here asking for a q&a about muscle gain and all that, i would also kindly ask you for the same thing if possible. Also, what are he disadvantages of protein shakes? Are there any? Love you
18.09.2014, в 09:15
I adore you ♡
18.09.2014, в 09:15
Haha cuz I saw it and thought of you
18.09.2014, в 09:15
@corramonster really!?? What why do u have a prez for me??
18.09.2014, в 09:11
@blogilates I have a present for you! We have to meet up soon. Muah Muah! Love you and Miss you too!
18.09.2014, в 09:10
@corramonster yes omg Cory. Miss u. Love u.
18.09.2014, в 09:09
@absland crab on salad is 👌👌
18.09.2014, в 09:05
@claudiagonzo24 this salad... I swoon.
18.09.2014, в 09:04
I thoroughly enjoy the evolution of commercial style eating to this. ^_^
18.09.2014, в 09:03
Looks so good❤️❤️
18.09.2014, в 09:02
18.09.2014, в 09:01
Pls record a Q&A video. About gaining muscle and toned. Pls sid
18.09.2014, в 08:59
@blogilates YAAAAAY SUPET EXCITED!!!!!
18.09.2014, в 08:55
18.09.2014, в 08:53
18.09.2014, в 08:44
Yay! Awesome!
18.09.2014, в 08:43
Ahhhh I really want that now!! ☺️
18.09.2014, в 08:43
So excited!
18.09.2014, в 08:43
@jenfuller35 she reminds me of you in a lot of ways.
18.09.2014, в 08:41
@wwjrphd ima make u this!
18.09.2014, в 08:39
Ur hardcore workout n it was amaxing
18.09.2014, в 08:38
Hi I just watched ue
18.09.2014, в 08:38
Doing the same thing 😂😂😂
18.09.2014, в 08:36
Ilove you!
18.09.2014, в 08:35
I do this too 🙊 my brother always tried to ruin it though! Haha can't wait love this type of video!
18.09.2014, в 08:33
@maryamadlyx need to watch this and learn
18.09.2014, в 08:32
18.09.2014, в 08:32
I had the same salad today!! 😁
18.09.2014, в 08:31
Could update it with subtitles?
18.09.2014, в 08:30
I m depressed...help me out buddy's...
18.09.2014, в 08:27
Ty babe xo
18.09.2014, в 08:27
Yay excited...next can u have a weekly training program esp for booty n abs?;)@blogilates
18.09.2014, в 08:27
Finallyyyy get to see what u eat !!!
18.09.2014, в 08:26
@sabrybambolina this video is exactly like what you ask people on a daily basis lol
18.09.2014, в 08:26
All I eat is crab meat yummmm
18.09.2014, в 08:26
Omg I've been waiting for this video since i started blogilates 6 months ago
18.09.2014, в 08:26
No not just you. I do that all the time at parties and all the guests wait on me. LOL. 😁
18.09.2014, в 08:26
YAYYYYY!!!! I've been waiting FOREVER for this😂😄
18.09.2014, в 08:21
Yes! Been waiting for this!! @kimxchii
18.09.2014, в 08:21
So excited to see the video!!!!!
18.09.2014, в 08:21
Can you make a video on vegan food?
18.09.2014, в 08:20
@chimelle_14 !!!!
18.09.2014, в 08:20
That look so good rn
18.09.2014, в 08:20
This is making me crave our sushi date again! @starzprincess04
18.09.2014, в 08:19
Yayyy so excited to see this :D
18.09.2014, в 08:19
Love imitation crab !
18.09.2014, в 08:18
That looks soooo amazing! Definitely watching this video c:
18.09.2014, в 08:17
Looks so yum!!
18.09.2014, в 08:17
That looks delicious! I can't wait for the video c:
18.09.2014, в 08:17
Thank you! I've been wanting to know what you eat for a while now! 💕
18.09.2014, в 08:17
18.09.2014, в 08:17
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