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Just when I was starting to smile, I got this in the mail and now I'm heart broken all over again. It was such a small amount of ashes. It can't be her. They put her in a plastic bag. I smelled it. It doesn't even smell like her. I was hoping it would. I guess I was just hoping none of this would be real. Life is all about having things and then watching them all be taken away from you. I love you so much my baby. I would give up the rest of my life to just have one more week with you. Rest in paradise my angel. #MeggypoosGirl

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10.01.2015, в 08:39
I'm a complete loser in the form of a stalker @brittanyfurlan for commenting on stale post, but I'm a new follower and scaled back on your page. Lost my 'firstborn' pup 3 yrs. ago and got another quickly as well. Pain never goes away, and guilt lingers too with love for a new one. Complicated feelings. Ugh and grrrrrrrr
06.12.2014, в 20:50
It's ok when my dog died my mom sat on the floor either for 30min. I just went outside, layed in the grass, and cried!
28.11.2014, в 00:10
I just lost my baby today💔 please tell it gets easier😢 whenever felt such pain😥
21.11.2014, в 14:01
Oh Brit 😭 she was one of the best 🙏
09.11.2014, в 22:48
Rest in paradise. I like that better than rest in peace. :)
08.11.2014, в 18:53
I'm so sorry ❤️
02.11.2014, в 03:11
I am crying looking at this😭my dog is 12 and they might have to put him down bc he won't eat and can barley walk😪Rest in peace meggy-poos
31.10.2014, в 01:16
I cremated my dog to
30.10.2014, в 12:00
Thats so sad 😢😢😭😭
26.10.2014, в 09:16
😢😢😢😭😭😭omg nooo I'm late but noooo not meggy yo I'm in tears its crazy
17.10.2014, в 04:54
omg that is so sad.. i follow you for a looong time and i know how much you love your pets.. i can only imagine how you feel, i can't live without my dog either.. im so sorry <3
16.10.2014, в 07:57
Im so sorry, RIP Meggypoos 😔
14.10.2014, в 07:43
Your not alone i been there I'm so sorry about your really sweet dog never forget about her even if people say you should fuck them they don't know @brittanyfurlan
13.10.2014, в 06:51
RIP love you !!!
13.10.2014, в 03:47
I know how it feels to lose a friend like that. I lost my little puffy months ago and I'm still not over it...
11.10.2014, в 03:05
@brittanyfurlan I lost my weenie today :'( and I don't know how to cope.....so I was wondering how you got through it...? Because I'm a total mess and I've never been so heart broken..
09.10.2014, в 13:04
Sorry @brittanyfurlan for your lost
08.10.2014, в 11:00
Dam! U move on quick @brittanyfurlan and here I was thinking u in a major depression...silly me
08.10.2014, в 09:27
I'm so sorry for your loss I lose two very special pets one was way to young I know how hard it is but it does get better
08.10.2014, в 01:59
Okay now I'm really crying 😭😢
05.10.2014, в 10:13
How did she die ?
04.10.2014, в 01:47
i so sorry 💕;-;
03.10.2014, в 13:51
Why did she die anyway? '(
03.10.2014, в 09:32
Im srl crying....:'(
03.10.2014, в 04:23
Weenie prayers go to you and your wittle ween is a great dachshund heaven. Enjoy your new Neena weena! She loves you very much. I know because we all love our mums. 😊
02.10.2014, в 18:06
My dogs are my children, i love them more than everything in the world, reading this literately made me cry, I'm so sorry!
02.10.2014, в 11:29
And that was on my birthday to! But now i just feel bad😥
02.10.2014, в 11:28
What! Awe the poor little darling😢 i feel your pain😪 🌟RIP🌟
01.10.2014, в 16:35
OH MY GOD, I can't believe this.. I haven't been on insta for the past 3/4 months and I see this 😭😭😭 I hope you're okay! I'm feeling for ya, I loved this little doggy, I used to sit and watch your videos with her all the time! Proper feeling for ya, love all the way from the UK @brittanyfurlan xxxxxxxxxxxxx
01.10.2014, в 08:36
Awwwww god bless you..... Greetings from hawaii
01.10.2014, в 08:15
I week ago my baby passed away too and the fisrt time i saw this i commented but i never thought it would be my turn to feel like this...those words you wrote are exactly how i feel right now..."they put her in a plastic bag. I smelled it. It doesn't even smell like her." I couldn't say it better myself. It didn't even smell lile him...
01.10.2014, в 01:19
I smelled the bag too and carried him around in my purse for awhile
30.09.2014, в 08:21
I got this today.I smelled the bag too. Meg and Paris in heaven together talking about their Brittanys. 💜💜
30.09.2014, в 02:05
I rember when my dog got hit by a car meggie is running around with Larry probly
30.09.2014, в 02:04
Me was the best doggie star ever
30.09.2014, в 00:13
this breaks my heart every day again...
29.09.2014, в 07:25
Oh my god I am so sorry to
29.09.2014, в 00:24
Oh @brittanyfurlan I'm so sorry! This breaks my heart over and over again. Meggypoos is with you and watches over you.
28.09.2014, в 08:43
How did she die
28.09.2014, в 06:35
I'm crying for you
27.09.2014, в 09:12
Now I'm crying! I'm really sorry Brittany😔
26.09.2014, в 18:59
Oh my gawd im crying tears as type this im so sorry for your loss
26.09.2014, в 15:47
I'm so sorry... ><
26.09.2014, в 13:10
I'm very truly sorry
26.09.2014, в 06:26
I just lost myself with this 😔 I am so sorry ✌❤
26.09.2014, в 00:56
I can't wih this😭😭😭
25.09.2014, в 14:24
I am so sorry that this happend to you i have already experienced this and is the worst feeling ever amd don't wish non my worst enemy. My eyes just started to tear up while I was reading your Caption. Hope you and your other dog feels better @brittanyfurlan
25.09.2014, в 11:16
I felt the exact same way when I saw my dog's ashes. G
25.09.2014, в 09:09
I just had to put my dog to sleep yesterday. It's so hard to lose a pet especially when they're family. The strength is here in us, but it will take some time to show. Just thought I'd share that with you since I know your situation was pretty recent. Remember that dogs show us unconditional love and how we should love others.
24.09.2014, в 11:16
I lost my rabbit yesterday i really cried aloot the tears cant stop fallen , i just dont believe she gone ,i really love her soo much its been, i saw her tears before she died that makes my heart broken so hard 😭😭😭💔💔💔
24.09.2014, в 06:34
Oh my gosh I'm so sorry 😥
24.09.2014, в 06:26
She got hit by a car!!???!?? D':
24.09.2014, в 02:28
how did she die
23.09.2014, в 21:59
aww sorry Britt😓😞 you'll be sad but it won't last forever 💕
23.09.2014, в 20:55
Sorry for your loss😥😔
23.09.2014, в 20:14
My God, you make me cry so much. I'll send you my best energy to make you stronger through all of this. Now she's in dogs heaven which is better 'cause is full of just beauty doggies ❤️🙏
23.09.2014, в 19:04
Aww I'm so sorry to hear that Britt
23.09.2014, в 18:00
I can feel it... I'm so sorry
23.09.2014, в 16:51
I can't even imagine girl. My Mia baby is literally my life and I dread that day.. I'm so so sorry for your loss. My heart hurts for you.
23.09.2014, в 16:32
Dogs aren't meant to live forever, because they were sent to us by God to make our lives brighter. Humans are meant to live so long because we have to learn how to grow and love and find happiness, but dogs are born with all the love in the world to give. They are there to help us grow and to teach us how to love. They're God's little angels sent from above. That was something I read about a while ago, and despite me not being religious, it stuck with me. I hope it gives you some sort of feeling of relief to think of your beloved puppy as your guardian angel who decided she had taught you everything she could, and had one more lesson for you about love; love in death. I hope you feel better. The only thing that got me through my very first dog and lifetime friend's death was knowing he's watching over me somewhere.
23.09.2014, в 15:22
Omg that was at 9/11
23.09.2014, в 14:20
I'm so sorry for your loss
23.09.2014, в 14:11
They put her in a plastic bag
23.09.2014, в 11:48
I lost my dog last year and had the same reaction.
23.09.2014, в 10:40
I can't stop crying this breaks my heart
23.09.2014, в 08:03
how did she pass away? 😞
23.09.2014, в 06:45
Brittney omg I'm so sorry for ur loss I'm only 12 but I lost my dog when I was six and I got through so I know u can everything will be ok I promise she will never be forgotten R.I.P😭
23.09.2014, в 06:42
Omg. 💔💔 I'm so sorry!
23.09.2014, в 05:11
Is she dead in the pic? Im so sorry
23.09.2014, в 02:47
This makes me feel soo sad, I'm a doxie lover and to think about losing my babes would leave me forever heartbroken
23.09.2014, в 01:17
Aww I'm so sorry!
22.09.2014, в 08:38
Literally crying right now
22.09.2014, в 08:27
What happened and sorry
22.09.2014, в 08:14
I'm so sorry
22.09.2014, в 06:59
All dogs go to heaven ❤️
22.09.2014, в 05:01
How did it happen
22.09.2014, в 04:25
Cried my eyes out reading this
22.09.2014, в 03:55
Sorry about your loss.
22.09.2014, в 03:35
This breaks my heart. I'm so sorry, I know the feeling. We had to put our dauchand down in October after 16 wonderful years. It's heart breaking. Stay strong <3
22.09.2014, в 03:07
Like I can't even imagine. It makes me want to hug my puppa and never let him go. I'm so sorry for your loss.
22.09.2014, в 03:07
Meggy-Poo died the same day my hamster died :(
22.09.2014, в 01:46
I had no idea she died. I am so sorry. Stay strong. Rest in peace.
22.09.2014, в 00:06
RIP:meggy-poo we loved u
21.09.2014, в 21:02
They never sent us my dogs ashes
21.09.2014, в 08:22
Sending you hugs <3
21.09.2014, в 07:48
I'm so sorry my condolences.
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