Бизи Филиппс — Американская актриса

Бизи Филиппс
Американская актриса
It's too annoying that we didn't get an actual good picture of ourselves tonight but I get self conscious asking for one because it makes me feel like my mom who's always yelling at every event, "let's get a family picture!!!" But still... It IS nice to have. Ugh. But I guess all I'll have now is this blurry mirror selfie from a post Emmy party on my Instagram feed AND I WILL HAVE TO LIVE.

Комментарии 4

21.09.2015, в 12:18
I'm totally the mom yelling for a family picture! 😛
21.09.2015, в 11:49
This one's good. Moody and mysterious
21.09.2015, в 11:43
Hopefully there'll be some paparazzi pics for u that u like! It is nice to have a good pic of u and the husband on a night out, this one still looks good!
21.09.2015, в 11:42
You're seriously the most beautiful woman ever!
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