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Крис Конноли


14.10.10, 4:35
34 комментария

Your first


Nice @chrisconnolly


Woah your first picture. It has improved so much. @chrisconnolly


The first picture :O


Took me a couple hours, but man your eye has grown like a machine. How did you gain so many followers? When I grow up I wanna see just like you. Thanks for all the #inspiration @chrisconnolly . Can't wait to see what u see 52 weeks from now.




You've gained so many followers and your pictures have changed since this first one on Instagram. Good job @chrisconnolly!


Finally got to your first picture. You make me think about life


First pic


Highly curious to see if @chrisconnolly uses non square pics! Didnt see any




Interesting to watch the growth of your skills over your feed. Quite the charmed life! Salut


@mcn19 that took a while


@mmed_3 HAHAHA




It's relieving that your earlier photos weren't as great :P


Cool account!






Your first photo!


Finally made it this far back. I hope to have such an amazing journey of growth as a photographer and creative. It'd be an honor if you checked out my work at @r3beholdthestars


Finally made it


first pic


This took so long to get here


100th like It took me forever to get here!! Haha, I was looking for the cup of coffee in Instagram's app picture! Couldn't find it tho :(


Me either @e.vanna


Haha just done the same


went through all ur pics lol


I cant find the coffee on instagrams page!


LOL thats what im looking for!! @benjamin_wilson


Great tones.


Gotta start somewhere.


Everyone's looking for the coffee... lol


4 years ago..


Just SCROLL ! Nice photos




It's ta the 43 weeks mark @e.vanna @benjamin_wilson


Thanks! @uzkuz




Dear Mr.Connolly, I don't know if you are aware of this but, if you have an iPhone and go to the AppStore and search up Instagram. You come across this picture of your account and a picture of a picture that is supposed to be on your account. If that even makes sense. Basically what I'm saying is I went through all of your pictures looking for this one picture of a cup of coffee and a bowl of nuts next to it with a silver spoon alined. It brought me great disappointment to find out that the picture in fact wasn't here... I know that this problem is probably out of your hands. But I would greatly appreciate if you could recreate the picture just so I could give it a big LIKE! Thank you, Concerned Liker @chrisconnolly


Last liker that scrolled so far!!!




223 weeks. Woah


This is magic. So long since your first one. Brings up memories and nostalgia. Have a nice day :)


I scrolled si far


The scrolling journey




I made it sorry for this random comment but hope you have a nice day!


If someone ever sees this comment, let me know


I feel like I'm on a different account...

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