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Тим Лэндис

Профессиональный фотограф

28.10.10, 21:58
20 комментариев

#flashbackfriday my #instagram from a year ago.


#mississippi #river #bridge #instagood #picoftheday #bestoftheday #photooftheday #iphonesia #iphoneography




Really Really Great Photos! :)


@curious2119 love you whole feed. I just spent the last 20 just looking at the awesome pics you take. what is crazy is that the growth in inspiration and dedication in your photos from this first one until your recent are evident. Keep inspiring sir!


@droidexaminer Thanks man! Really appreciate the encouragement!


Awesome Picture


All of your shots are awesome #inspiration


Your photography is so inspiring! Every picture has a mood to it, I love it :)


From your first picture to your last the only thing that's changed is your followers can't get enough of your pictures AMAZING!


Fantastic gallery! You are so brilliant !


Beautiful gallery!!!!


Omg I finally found ur first pic that took forever good job!!!!!


This looks alright but bored!


Wow this is looking so pretty!


Good photos! If you ever get a chance look at mine. @curious2119


How did you get so many followers? @curious2119


@curious2119 wow! you have an amazing gallery i liked to look it through! sorry for the many likes


@curious2119 I finally got to the very first photo you posted here. After seeing it all, I can honestly say it blew my mind that I loved a lot of the images in your assortment, if not every single picture!


You have amazing photo's that caputure everything! Its awesome to see your photo's everyday.


It's a lot bigger down here


@brenton_clarke Ha! Way back! Yeah, it's amazing that this is upstate Mn. Mississippi is crazy like that!


Hi I just looked through all your photos - and they are amazing :D @curious2119


Your pictures are amazing!! Someday I wish to take pictures like this, but right now I'm just taking pictures as part if my Yearbook class at school and its hard to get really creative and get beautiful shots like yours


... I approve


Man you have to totally inspired me all over again. From here on out I will only strive for greatness


And here is how it all started. 😬


@curious2119 this took me forever to find


I always love to see how someone starts their journey on IG and the directions they go you still use VSCOcam & Snapseed? Great peruse through your gallery...thank you

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