A word from @mwr55 to you sweet folks at @NASCAR #NASCARNation @dancingabc #dwts19 @michaelwaltripracing

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30.11.2014, в 18:12
This man is a great human being as well as NASCAR driver. He's funny and down to earth. Met him twice and watched him race @Talladega many times. He's the reason I watched my first season of dancing with the stars:)
18.09.2014, в 19:54
Really like this Guy - best of luck !
18.09.2014, в 17:35
Im already in love with this man. Such a sweet and funny soul
18.09.2014, в 14:53
Mickey, I remember when The Winston Cup got rained out many years ago and you stood out in the rain to make sure you greeted all of your fans. I have a picture with you and both of us were soaking wet, but made me respect you so much more than I already did! You had all of us laughing! Your sense of humor will get you through this as well and your fans will be there for you! I'm ready to stand in the rain for you and vote, vote, vote!
18.09.2014, в 10:56
This photo looks like a scared/happy little boy in a very big man's shoes... It's going to be okay Michael, we promise!
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