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@finn 584k


Уэльс, Великобритания

16.11.10, 17:01
32 комментария

Some people on here are doing some really amazing stuff with just their iPhone's...


Oh very nice!


You have some talent. Very nice images!


Thanks man! I love what you've done with your feed original. Stands out.


Hey thank you. I appreciate that. Good to know I'm on the right track!


Your stuff is fantastic. I love how the swing is barely connected to the tee here.


Lovely stream! Thanks for sharing.


great gallery    wonderful landscapes      


What a wonderful stream I had the honor to visit. You have one of the most inspiring gallery I have seen here, I am so in love with your art. Can't wait to see more 


I made it to the end It was my pleasure


You have a wonderful gallery, thanks for sharing it.


I stumbled upon your images through someone I was following, your views are fantastic! I agree with the above comments, so glad I couldn't sleep so that I too could get to the 'end'!


I love your photos!! If you get a chance, please check out my gallery and tell me what you think. :)


Great photos, man! So glad I found you


this is a real awesome gallery! thx for sharing your point of view!


Amazing photos @finn Well done.


Amazing gallery ... rarely sth like that.... just beautiful


Espectacular la galería !!!!


Turn off your T. V. There is a world out there!!!! Thanks!


You start watching a photostream and get hooked and want to see every photo. And all the time you are wondering how many photos there are left but I made it to your first one. It was a pleasure. Thank you for your amazing capture of a beautiful world.


From beginning to end - stunningly beautiful gallery!


Love your photos.


It's fascinating to go back through someones feed right to the beginning and see how they've developed! Amazing how much your shots have changed!


@finn your gallery is AMAZING. I lived in Cumbria for nearly three years and I miss it dearly. I didn't have IG then. But I wish I did. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Your photos remind of the countryside where I lived. You're my new fav iger. Keep up the good work!


You have an incredible gallery!! I looked through all the pictures. Well done!


Hi @finn your work as a photographer has really inspired me to do the same and share my photos on ig, but I don't know how to start. How does yr photo get so many viewership and likes? Please let me know, it would mean a lot :)


Your first IG shot is awesome Finn!


Hey u, @finn!


@finn (I just saw you followed me! That's a big deal for me! Thanks!)


I'll tweet you the link on how I found this :)


Your photography improved soooo much since this shot back in the day😶


Wow, your photography has trully improved. Much love.

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