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A few weeks ago I went to a shop in Sedona where they offered aura photography. Have I ever seen my own or anyone else's aura? No. But I like to keep an open mind and believe that anything is possible. So, for a fun new experience I decided to have my aura photographed. I guess their camera can something that I've never been able to. This is how the photo came out. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Do auras exist? Can they be photographed? What is the significance of these different colors? Is this totally bogus? What do you think?

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14.11.2014, в 20:30
Wonderful aura:) keep up the good work and enjoy the journey 💟🙏
02.11.2014, в 20:12
@gypsetgoddess Auras totally exist! I can feel them, heal them, see them, etc. I do aura readings as well. It's a part of spiritual gifts we can develop if we choose to. Yours has LOTS of yellow which represents Joy & Happiness! You shine like the Sun! BRAVA!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏☀
23.09.2014, в 05:10
What is the name of the shop? I'm going to Sedona in a few weeks and would love to go!
19.09.2014, в 11:01
I believe in auras but not sure they're photographable. But if it made you happy and the message resonated or made you think then that's what really matters. An aura photo is now definitely on my list of things to do. 😊
19.09.2014, в 04:59
I've seen someone's aura before, at the top of her head like a crown tilted on the side of her head... Blue and pink
18.09.2014, в 20:05
I def believe in auras and energies relative to certain ppl. But I don't feel that it is static and a photograph will only capture the energy of your aura at that moment. Also would have to really look into how the technology of cameras can correctly capture energies and metaphysical properties. @gypsetgoddess
18.09.2014, в 19:20
@gypsetgoddess I was there too last month and went into a store that was offering aura photos. It felt a little gimmicky to me. Instead I opted to buy a crystal bowl ☺️. Do you have one? I have been to many sound baths, but playing it is a beautiful experience to behold. 🌟
18.09.2014, в 18:28
@gypsetgoddess rad!!!
18.09.2014, в 17:57
Auras definitely exist! Everything in our universe, both living and not, is made of atoms. Atoms are constantly moving. This means everything is constantly moving at a molecular level. Movement emit waves of different frequencies. That's why auras appear as different colors because different people in different states are emitting different frequencies!! Even when you can't see them, you can feel them! It's such an amazing thing! (This may not be accurate but it's how I make sense of it!!) @gypsetgoddess
18.09.2014, в 17:56
It's dope I need that. And I miss you. Come back mama
18.09.2014, в 17:37
looks just how one might guess your aura would look: all sunshiney
18.09.2014, в 17:36
Auras totally exist! You believe in energy right? And science is proof that energy is real and exists. I can't see others and I've never been told about mine but I'd absolutely love to. Also I know it's possible to learn to see auras. It's about training your eyes! :)
18.09.2014, в 17:00
I believe in it, I don't know the science of it like some ladies above. But I can feel someone energy almost instantly, and I know whether their happy or not. Or even if their good for my "path" in life. It creeps my boyfriend out but I be spot on
18.09.2014, в 16:59
That's a nice aura ! Of corse they exists!
18.09.2014, в 16:31
of course, we have auras a few feet around us, like how everything has a magnetic field. so plants and trees have auras too. sometimes when someone stands close to you and it doesn't feel too good, their might be something in their aura (or same goes for your own aura) that they're holding onto that doesn't agree with you. all energetic and natural. there are aura healers that have the gift to see them. and it's a practice too, can exercise it!
18.09.2014, в 16:18
@jlguay @lsclarke83 let's do this!
18.09.2014, в 16:10
I feel so stupid now😂😳 @caraindigo
18.09.2014, в 15:50
we can only see between the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum .. any scientist will tell you that everything is made of quantum energy. The waves collapse in such a way that they become visible to the human eye. And you have electromagnetic and neurological circuitry running through your body and also out past your physical form. They measure this frequency in medical heart tests :) so yeeessss auras are real. Anyone can learn to see them with their own eyes too.
18.09.2014, в 15:45
That awesome ur amazing
18.09.2014, в 15:43
@dimyjay interesting!!
18.09.2014, в 15:40
yess i've had mine photographed and also read by my friend :) you have some beautiful colors xx if i focus for a little I can see colors around people and even saw my friend's soul star chakra when reading hers . the white / purple cloud over your head to the is because you receive insight from the other side/ your higher self; left is receiving and right is what you give out to the world.
18.09.2014, в 15:21
@olgayolga do you remember what my stolen aura read looked like 😂😂😂
18.09.2014, в 14:59
18.09.2014, в 14:54
Kirlian photography I think it's called
18.09.2014, в 14:45
18.09.2014, в 14:38
Auras are real everyone has one. The color changes depending on your mood or if your body is in some sort of dis ease. Like, you back hurts, you have a cold, ect. However, I would say, I think, that auras rarely can be photographed. If you chakras are aliened then by means it probably can be caught in a picture. Also, no one can see your aura unless you have the gift to see it.
18.09.2014, в 14:29
I did twice at different month and I got two different results!
18.09.2014, в 14:24
FYI @sanazkhalili80
18.09.2014, в 14:19
Would be lovely to see a comparison with someone who is maybe not so positive day to day, see if it was smaller or a different colour? 🌞❤️
18.09.2014, в 13:54
18.09.2014, в 13:22
18.09.2014, в 12:49
That is so neat🔮
18.09.2014, в 12:38
We can't see wifi and sound frequencies so how do we know that auras don't exist if we can't see them? 😌✨
18.09.2014, в 12:36
Beautiful aura! I had mine done in #crystalcastle in #byronbay and it was very orange/yellow/red..
18.09.2014, в 12:18
Orange outline: indicating not only a spiritual teacher, but a powerful spiritual teacher, capable of demonstrating his/her unique abilities.
18.09.2014, в 12:06
Yellow: joy, freedom, non-attachment, freeing or releasing vital forces. People who glow yellow are full of inner joy, very generous and not attached to anything. Yellow halo around the head: high spiritual development. A signature of a spiritual teacher. Do not accept spiritual teachings from anyone who does not have such a yellow halo. Buddha and Christ had yellow halos extending to their arms. Today it is rare on Earth to find a person with a halo larger than 1 inch. Yellow halo appears as a result of a highly active brow chakra (which can be seen glowing with violet by many people)
18.09.2014, в 12:06
I love aura readings!👌💕
18.09.2014, в 12:05
Green: restful, modifying energy, natural healing ability. All natural healers should have it. They also love gardening and usually have a "green hand" - anything grows for them.
18.09.2014, в 11:59
18.09.2014, в 11:56
I had my aura photographed and read when I was 16. Even back then, in 1986 I found it extremely insightful. Of course they exist. Everything is energy. It is interesting how everyone's auras are a different colour. I practice kundalini yoga and started to see people's auras about 10 years ago. They defiantly vary in colour depending on mood. I believe that the white mark near the top is your spirit guide, who is always near you. Some may say guardian angel photo bomb? (Ha!) I have two of them (I had always been told this and my aura photo captured them nicely too). Your energy is beautiful, and the positivity and love undeniable. Whatever you are doing - don't stop! It's funny, I've only really spoken about this to a few people in my life. What is it about IG and true confessions ?
18.09.2014, в 11:49
18.09.2014, в 11:37
I believe this is done by sending an electromagnetic pulse through the system at a safe level, just enough for the camera to pick up on the spike of your energy field..making it more visible. With that being said I like what @stepaniesurtida had to say about the "meaning"
18.09.2014, в 11:34
I'd like to see my aura this is cool
18.09.2014, в 11:26
18.09.2014, в 11:24
Dude, @stephaniesurtida couldn't have been more right! @gypsetgoddess i bet your spirit guide is very powerful and beautiful just like you
18.09.2014, в 11:24
These colours fit you perfectly!
18.09.2014, в 11:20
@gypsetgoddess 😘😘!
18.09.2014, в 11:16
oh fun!! 💗🙌 your creativity is expansive and contagious! and it looks like you're also an empath! you're very in tune with your higher self which feeds you all your inspiration. you are a natural teacher and a very compassionate person with a big heart. it looks like grounding yourself can be a little hard at times because you are a huge dreamer and a creative individual. i feel like you are clairvoyant as well! the upper half of your chakras are very opened and balanced but your root and sacral could use a little lovin! 🌞❤️ and i feel like you have a special spirit guide that is with you in your aura 😉👌 @gypsetgoddess 💗
18.09.2014, в 11:11
Yep that's you.
18.09.2014, в 11:11
Sure it exists. We can not see it cause we not develop this ability.
18.09.2014, в 11:10
I think its a form of reverse heat sensory, I dont think auras can be captured on film but I could be wrong!
18.09.2014, в 11:08
Good marketing gimmic
18.09.2014, в 11:06
I believe!
18.09.2014, в 11:01
@hancallahan reminds me of you 🔮
18.09.2014, в 10:51
@kieracantryn well put
18.09.2014, в 10:51
Did they read it for you?
18.09.2014, в 10:50
I believe once you reach a certain center with yourself you can easily see others auras as well as your own. Cameras can't really pick up on that, mostly just heat. The ideas is super neat though ! It'd be really cool if you could come upon artists who see/read auras and see how they would paint them.. Then compare! But of course they're all based on your health/mood. 😊
18.09.2014, в 10:48
18.09.2014, в 10:47
Thirdeye-anahatha💛💚-love-courage! I see beauty baby, I see pure life💜🙏
18.09.2014, в 10:47
Very beautiful, abundance of yellow💛🌝🌝I believe it would be incredibly helpful if we only knew what the colors meant 🍎🍊🍋🍏🐬🔮⁉️
18.09.2014, в 10:45
I feel like the colors represent your vibe/energy really well😊💛 so awesome, I'd love to see mine!!
18.09.2014, в 10:45
I believe! We experience gravity but can't physically see it and not to mention sound waves. I think the aura is an extension of our body. You should look up what your colors mean and if they are always like this or change every minute depending on mood that would be interesting! God Bless 🌻😆 @gypsetgoddess
18.09.2014, в 10:44
Everything in life has an energy. When we become aware/sensitive to it our lives become more integral. 💖💕
18.09.2014, в 10:42
There is always an "aura photography" stand during yoga shows in London. Never tried. It's meant to pick up on the heat, more than anything else. Looks lovely though 🌙❤️
18.09.2014, в 10:42
spiritual beings having a human experience, makes sense
18.09.2014, в 10:42
@gypsetgoddess Love it! Mine is similar. Yellow is for positivity, creativeness and love. 💛
18.09.2014, в 10:41
Whether is real or not it's still a really neat idea to have it done and make your own personal connections to what might be in the photo. It looks really awesome!
18.09.2014, в 10:39
It kinda looks like you ...
18.09.2014, в 10:39
Yea they exist 😊 it looks beautiful
18.09.2014, в 10:39
**** totally bogus.
18.09.2014, в 10:38
To ally bogus.
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