Стив Харви — Американский комик, теле- и радиоведущий, актер и автор книг

Стив Харви
Американский комик, теле- и радиоведущий, актер и автор книг
On tomorrow's show we're partnering with @greendotcards to help a couple dealing with the cyberbullying of their daughter.

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08.05.2015, в 08:37
Ya I saw that it was sad but happy happy shes alive and well my dad and his wife had a kid kinda like that she die a year or so ago and she lived longer then they expected she died on the table she needs sergery on her spine and brain every once in a while but the docter messed up and kild her super said her b day was a few days ago and theey sent below messeges to her
06.05.2015, в 17:30
That is rude
05.05.2015, в 01:25
Great show. Negative ppl Are senseless 😂💅🏽
24.04.2015, в 22:47
That baby is cute awww 🙆🍼🍼 God bless her xx
24.04.2015, в 14:43
Bless that baby
22.04.2015, в 14:46
God Bless her..
18.04.2015, в 08:49
@iamsteveharveytv I just watched this episode on my DVR 1am and the tears in the parents eyes created tears in my heart. You have just inspired me to start a Bully movement within my community and MARIAH has just started a LEGACY!!!! Love you & God Bless the producers for such an encouraging, motivating, hilarious and outstanding Show.
17.04.2015, в 23:45
My cousin had shown me this picture a week or two ago. We both were sadden of the outcome as well. Your daughter is a blessing. I work with the disability every day. Some who are more functional than others. I let them know, just because I'm here to assist you doesn't mean I don't have a disability. All of us have disabilities some you can see and some you can't see. I love them to piece. Jesus was talked about and look what he has accomplished. You two keep your head up and keep loving your baby even more. Tell her see is beautiful everyday, because she is! Stay strong. I'm so proud you have a man that is by your side.
17.04.2015, в 19:14
God Bless them!
17.04.2015, в 07:57
This bullying needs to stop
17.04.2015, в 06:26
TodAy wAs a great show. Poor family.
17.04.2015, в 06:00
All God children are a blessing. She is beautifully made!
17.04.2015, в 06:00
She is so beautiful !!! People who can make fun of a baby to get a laugh is a loser and needs to get a real life!! Who does that?? They need serious therapy!!
17.04.2015, в 04:27
She is beautiful! Screw those people!
17.04.2015, в 02:35
Your daughter is a gift from God!
17.04.2015, в 02:08
A beautiful blessing from God to her mommy and daddy and that's all that matters. God bless all
17.04.2015, в 00:49
She is Beautiful and Blessing from God
17.04.2015, в 00:37
God blessed your child please tell her as long as her mother and father love her and God loves her don't listen the bullies
17.04.2015, в 00:26
Beautiful just beautiful!!!?
17.04.2015, в 00:18
Every child EVERY ChILd is A BLESSING from God, Amen Amen for that beautiful child of God! 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️
16.04.2015, в 23:19
She is a buetiful Princess! Stay strong!! ❤
16.04.2015, в 22:51
But I tell her haters are out there but keep u head in the sky!
16.04.2015, в 22:50
My daughter is going throw syberbullying texts
16.04.2015, в 22:32
Whoever!!!in there right mind would say anything about this Blessed beautiful little princess...should really ask God first for forgiveness and get they life and spirit together.
16.04.2015, в 22:27
She is beautiful 😘😘💜
16.04.2015, в 22:24
precious baby girl! God bless now and always. May she continue to grow and become stronger everyday!
16.04.2015, в 22:20
I'm not sure how this qualifies as bullying she's a baby she can't read she doesn't know any of these things are being said I think the parents are making a bigger production of it by coming on TV when the child grows up she will know all these things were said about her which will only make things worse. I pray that God heals this baby of whatever her illness is. I also pray that the parents aren't using this to draw attention to themselves.
16.04.2015, в 22:13
What time it come on nd what channel
16.04.2015, в 22:12
Mr.Harvey I have a video on YouTube expressing my freedom from the effects of bullying. hope you check it out! my username on there is B2kcookies / 'Reasons Why Kids Bully'
16.04.2015, в 21:32
@iamsteveharveytv please help me with my book!! I need an editor and your expertise. I need your help with exposure and confidence in fulfilling my lifelong dream. Please help me!!! Please read this and reply.
16.04.2015, в 21:23
Just remember, those haters are only looking for self attention , not handling their own problems. All babies r and always will be a blessing from god. Just love her with all your heart while u can.
16.04.2015, в 21:21
Steve gonna make me go to church.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
16.04.2015, в 21:20
Instinct tells a mother to protect her child. I understand that mothers pain. Please reach deep inside for strength to turn a deaf ear and a blinds eye to the hateful people. God bless and stay strong!
16.04.2015, в 21:14
She so beautiful no matter she god child
16.04.2015, в 19:53
She is a beautiful baby
16.04.2015, в 19:40
I have a Son who is blind & non -verbal... I just want you to know.... We are All God's Kids rather we look different or not.... It is an HONOR that God her to you... So embrace the Honor.... and pray for those who say hurtful things.... God wouldn't have given her to you if He thought you couldn't handle the situation.... To God be the glory
16.04.2015, в 19:36
U could put what u want, that don't give no one to do bad to another person and is a baby God have mercy on ppl..
16.04.2015, в 19:30
People dont see wat they see....And you have to be careful what you put out there if you don't want your feelings hurt....
16.04.2015, в 17:52
Hey uncle steve im from SA and i like your show its dope sir ,tell the man to be a father and act like a mother be more caring and loving
16.04.2015, в 17:28
Evil demons; to bully a baby.. Pray for the PEOPLE!!!!
16.04.2015, в 17:28
God bless her she is beautiful! 💖
16.04.2015, в 17:19
The child's smile is beautiful. Why would anyone ever be so cruel?
16.04.2015, в 16:30
All children are a blessing from GOD. I will stand up and defend this child no questions asked
16.04.2015, в 15:27
Bullies are scum bags but wait there are scum bags out there that don't like bullies
16.04.2015, в 14:33
Don't let what people say affect you and your family .
16.04.2015, в 13:53
They really need to check their friends list. Someone is not their friend.
16.04.2015, в 12:57
Very speechless. People heartless
16.04.2015, в 11:22
She's so cute
16.04.2015, в 09:48
Some real lowlifes out here
16.04.2015, в 09:36
Get a life people this little girl is beautiful, so what if her family is sharing photo to make her feel good are whatever, it's cool freedom of expression
16.04.2015, в 09:36
May God bless you and your family
16.04.2015, в 09:15
Parents why do u expose your children on social medias? You put this on ur child, this will follow ur child for the rest of her life , it is ur own doing
16.04.2015, в 09:12
She looks like an adult. I think that's pretty cool.
16.04.2015, в 08:46
I meant to say the whole world can see it.😱😱
16.04.2015, в 08:44
whole world can see it.😱😱
16.04.2015, в 08:44
whole world can see it.😱😱
16.04.2015, в 08:41
That is the parents fault to put that baby on facebook knowing that baby condition so dont say that your baby is getting bullied so u get what u ask for u put that dam picture out there so the whole can see it what were u thinking were u high or what so dont come crying to Steve that u have a ugly baby u know and i know he is somewhere laughing himself he is always saying that all babies arent cute so u did the damaged now u deal with it u idiot.🙌🙌
16.04.2015, в 08:27
Jesus fix it! 🙌
16.04.2015, в 08:24
Hey Riah boo ur beautiful
16.04.2015, в 08:15
Thats a beautiful baby
16.04.2015, в 07:36
She's a beautiful, precious baby. Forget about the bullies bc they're sad and miserable ppl that hide from their ugly souls by hurting others. God bless that baby and her parents 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
16.04.2015, в 07:19
If anybody can relate.... Steve Harvey can😂😂😂😂😂😂
16.04.2015, в 07:12
I don't care What anybody has to say that is a beautiful child
16.04.2015, в 06:56
There are some pretty cruel and sick people out there. Steve Harvey, you are the next Oprah. You inspire us all.
16.04.2015, в 06:40
They are ignorant people in this world. But God sees everything. She's precious 🙏🙏🙏
16.04.2015, в 06:32
Those who bully this family do not live in christ!!
16.04.2015, в 06:30
God"s creations have pupose, This Angel is BEAUTIFUL!! She is a miracle and her smile shows the beauty of her spirit.
16.04.2015, в 06:26
What a precious smile! I can't stand people making fun of an innocent baby. We are all children of God, and He creates us with love.
16.04.2015, в 06:16
She's a precious happy Lil baby. Beautiful with a beautiful smile. @iamsteveharveytv ... It's disturbing how cruel people are.
16.04.2015, в 06:13
This is atrocious that people are so cruel. Children are ALL BEAUTIFUL. This is a precious life and a gift to these parents and she is beautiful and should never be told anything other than that! I'm sickened and saddened and the thoughtless cruelty of people. We are all created in the image of God. Praying for us all to recognize that we are all beautiful.
16.04.2015, в 05:59
Only for family!
16.04.2015, в 05:56
The child has a beautiful smile!
16.04.2015, в 05:55
Wow, blame the victim? You people should be ashamed of yourselves for such vile, disgusting behavior.
16.04.2015, в 05:55
16.04.2015, в 05:55
Lmfaooo so true though
16.04.2015, в 05:45
Ass holes all of you , pure ass holes
16.04.2015, в 05:40
What did you expect posting her pic you was gonna get rode on this the same social media that post ugly people everyday young n old and rides the shit out of them
16.04.2015, в 05:39
Dont put your ugly child on social media what were u thinking that she was going to win a baby contest so i blame the parents to put your child on blast the child has no idea what is going on so deal with the shit u idiot.🙌🙌
16.04.2015, в 05:35
That smile wow so big....it's contagious
16.04.2015, в 05:30
16.04.2015, в 05:24
"To me dat look lyke a leprechaun to me" - Some guy in Mobile,Alabama.
16.04.2015, в 05:16
She is sick and battling a disease ppl shouldn't be ignorant and make fun of a innocent child
16.04.2015, в 05:12
If you are sensitive don't put your babies pic's on social media. The baby has no ideal what people are saying it's the parents feelings that are hurt. If she is healthy just thank God and deactivate your page.
16.04.2015, в 04:53
My riah always a glow of sunshine man!!
16.04.2015, в 04:47
Lies you tell...there are indeed ugly children....how do you think we end up with ugly adults? Bullying anyone is wrong and to say someone's child is ugly is hurtful; keep it to yourself. She is a blessing that God gave them and she is beautiful no matter what anyone says.
16.04.2015, в 04:47
Can someone please fill me in... I don't see what's wrong with her, why is this baby getting cyber bullied?
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