Джейсон Мраз — Американский певец и автор песен

Джейсон Мраз
Американский певец и автор песен
the best and it's ok.

Комментарии 15

23.04.2015, в 23:28
Porto Alegre te espera !! Vem para o Brasil !! Nós te amamos !!!
30.04.2014, в 01:02
Mmm I feel so positive just looking through, you know, 'jason mraz's' pictures. @jason_mraz
06.03.2014, в 05:24
Wow, only 21 comment. I'm amazed people don't go back this far.
05.09.2012, в 06:01
@jason_mraz ok I know you get requests and comments like this all the time and probably get really sick of them. My boyfriend and I are going to the red rocks amphitheater to see your concert on the 25th. We are so excited. We have been together for a lil over a year now and are completely in love with each other and Lord willing one day I would love to marry him. He is going to south plains for audio production and would love to own a studio one day. He is awesome at what he does and he loves it. He has a project due in one of his classes and I think he planning on breaking down 5/6 (it's one of his favorite songs.) Is there a way to get backstage/VIP passes? Do you even do those? I know some artist don't. And I understand having tons of fans backstage bothering you either before, after, or even both during a show. I don't know if you would do this for a nobody. I would love to meet you. I think it would really cool. Btw God rests in reason, sleeping to dream about you, you and I both, and I won't give up are absolutely some of my favorite songs. Your way with words is phenomenal. And your voice is outstanding. Well from a nobody, Lauren Wallace. Do you have any suggestions on how I could help him get his foot in the door somewhere? He'll graduate in may. He is about to be 26. It's not like he just some kid. Even if you don't read this I am so ex static about going to your concert!! Peace, love, and harmony ☺
04.04.2012, в 16:30
@jason_mraz please come to indonesia again. Visit jakarta! I swear I'm gonna come and see ya!
26.10.2011, в 05:29
Jason please follow me!!!!
08.10.2011, в 04:34
@jason_mraz one day the world will stop for just a moment and I'll be able to cross worlds, and legit feel and see and be the words.
13.08.2011, в 05:24
Im the best 
04.08.2011, в 07:18
Love this like I love your face! And burritos! :)
25.07.2011, в 06:05
Super fun pic :)
25.07.2011, в 04:54
Nice grammar! I'd probably do the same. I'm only 12. It's ok
25.07.2011, в 04:45
Bad grammar and it's okay.
25.07.2011, в 03:04
*you're ... And it's okay
25.07.2011, в 02:29
i LOVE this.
25.07.2011, в 02:26
Beautiful words to start the week.
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