Дженнифер Николь Ли — Фитнес-модель

Дженнифер Николь Ли
IN 2 SHORT DAYS, ALL EYES WILL BE ON TIMES SQUARE AS THE BALL DROPS RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR! JNL+NYC=BIG FUN! TIMES SQUARE! "If I can make it HERE, I CAN MAKE IT ANYWHERE" is the ANTHEM CRY of so many SUPER SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE! JNL Worldwide Inc, NOW JUST GOT ALOT WIDER! & we are BROADER THAN BROADWAY! We are a globally recognized BRAND with positive media, products, & life-changing programs that WILL INCREASE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE! I remember when this photo was taken RIGHT IN THE HUSTLE OF A HOT SUMMERS DAY IN NYC! The MESSAGE ON THE #SONY #LCD #FlatScreen says "BELIEVE THAT ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE, YOU CAN MAKE REAL!" Having that powerful JNL-Inspired saying FLASH on that screen the very instant this photo was taken, was not a fluke or an accident! ITS A CLEAR STRONG MESSAGE TO ALL OF YOU RIGHT NOW READING THIS! There are no MISTAKES or ACCIDENTS in the Universe! So BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN AND YOU WILL! & Remember, STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY! JNL Nation, lets keep kicking A$$! xo JNL www.JenniferNicoleLee.com & www.JoltOfJNL.com #Believe #NeverGiveUp #NYC #HappyNewYears #TimesSquare #2015 #HereWeCome #KickAss #Faith #TheChosenOne #THankYouGod #Party #Celebrate #NYE #TheNewEra #JoltOfJNL

Комментарии 11

29.12.2014, в 22:56
2015 is the year all I believe in comes true!
29.12.2014, в 19:52
In 2015 JNL Worldwide Inc will be even bigger👏👏
29.12.2014, в 05:11
Any advice for a NASM CPT, workin on her PES?
29.12.2014, в 04:40
You'll have to come get another photo eith me if you're there! Have a Happy New Year!
29.12.2014, в 04:17
They re looking at you ;)
29.12.2014, в 04:12
The best gift you can give is teaching them to BELIEVE! ALL Eyes on you 2015!
29.12.2014, в 04:12
You are on fire girl 💥💥💥
29.12.2014, в 04:10
Im looking forward to 2015 in Januray I start My online course for Personal Training as well as mailing out My NPC Application Card I am gonna Join The NPC Im gonna become a NPC Physique Pro
29.12.2014, в 04:07
Love it @jnlworldwide
29.12.2014, в 04:05
I'll be in NY for new Yrs I will think of you when that ball drops wishing the best and most successful year. 🍸cheers @jnlworldwide
29.12.2014, в 04:02
How" awsome is that
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