Джоан Риверз — Американская комедийная актриса, стендап-комик, телеведущая

Джоан Риверз
Американская комедийная актриса, стендап-комик, телеведущая

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09.02.2015, в 05:19
Miss you so much💜
10.01.2015, в 07:10
Actually, I don't need a grammar dictionary. Thank you for the kind thoughts! It was a very sweet gesture, but none of us need one. Maybe you should purchase a book on becoming a decent human being. That's fine if you're glad that Joan, passed away, she was a jerk, but you're being just as nasty as she was with your snarky comments back to these innocent people and commenting that you're "glad she died" in the first place. (Btw: there should have been a period after attention, a comma after Buddha, and a period after education unless you planned on adding an 'and' in there before maybe, if we're going to get grammatical) @victoria__hussy
10.01.2015, в 07:04
@jannnamaaeee Almost as pathetic as your sentence up there, 'just trying to crave attention' Jesus, Allah, Buddha someone help these people they're in dire need of knowledge and education, maybe even a grammar dictionary.
10.01.2015, в 06:54
@victoria__hussy just trying to crave attention. Pathetic...
27.12.2014, в 18:18
@victoria__hussy why are u glad she died wtf...
06.12.2014, в 02:40
I miss herrr
29.11.2014, в 19:38
I am truly sorry for the loss of your mother! I didn't personally know her at all. but from her show I always watched she always was one to give the truth. She was a sweet women and now is resting in a better place💕
29.11.2014, в 07:12
You know you could've kept that to yourself instead of saying it here. @victoria__hussy
27.11.2014, в 09:37
@denae.shelby I don't care about what you consider as funny, although it does make sense that you would find a white hag whom constantly blurted racial slurs against black people funny, is that how much you like being degraded you devolved hood rat? I am entitled to say what I please, I want let people whom can't even utilize proper use of grammar restrict my freedom of expression. Darling instead of defending an old white hag you should probably try to get an education, so you don't sound as stupid as you do right now, stop humiliating your self you pathetic excuse for a women💕
27.11.2014, в 09:35
@denae.shelby I don't care about what you consider as funny, although it does make sense that you would find a white hag whom constantly blurted racial slurs against black people funny, is that how much you like being degraded you devolved hood rat? I am entitled to say what I please, I want let people whom can't even utilize proper use of grammar restrict my freedom of expression. Darling instead of defending an old white hag you should probably try to get an education, so you don't sound as stupid as you do right now, stop humiliating your self you pathetic excuse for a women💕
27.11.2014, в 09:35
@denae.shelby I don't care about what you consider as funny, although it does make sense that you would find a white hag whom constantly blurted racial slurs against black people funny, is that how much you like being degraded you devolved hood rat? I am entitled to say what I please, I want let people whom can't even utilize proper use of grammar restrict my freedom of expression. Darling instead of defending an old white hag you should probably try to get an education, so you don't sound as stupid as you do right now, stop humiliating your self you pathetic excuse for a women💕
27.11.2014, в 08:14
no one wants all your hate. Joan was probably the most funniest person I have ever heard of. so why why are you even saying that? think again bitch. @victoria__hussy
20.11.2014, в 20:47
Bitch @victoria__hussy
16.11.2014, в 18:21
@victoria__hussy Such a bitch!!!
13.11.2014, в 14:17
Your a bitch @victoria__hussy
08.11.2014, в 11:08
@kristin__19 ignore her , she's just a damn hater !
08.11.2014, в 09:27
I'm sure she hated anyone with varying perspectives @kristin__19 there is no don't she hated me
06.11.2014, в 00:49
@victoria__hussy youre sick
05.11.2014, в 22:37
I'm so glad she died
30.10.2014, в 00:16
22.10.2014, в 22:48
Joan I still am thinking about you every single day! I love you! #ripjoan 😭💕👌
18.10.2014, в 23:16
I pray you comfort and the discernment your great mom had in dealing with masks
16.10.2014, в 13:54
😭😭😭😭 rip Joan rivers
13.10.2014, в 13:31
... There Will Never Ever Be Somebody Like Joan Rivers, Ever; She Was 1 Of a Kind. Loved This Woman #RestInPeaceJoan 👏👏 xx
12.10.2014, в 03:23
😿🙀😭😨😱😥😦 I'm crying right now rip joan river is was my idol I don't care how mean she was she was amazing to all of u who wishes her bad is just mean and cruel she said her opinion well she did not dissever to die she made us laugh I would honored for joan river to make fun of me she had an amazing sense of humor she made me laugh on fashion police she was on in a million people that was this talented losing her is like losing the sun or moon Melissa u are so brave so strong to be going through this ur mother is so unbelievable her talent is just amazing JoanRanger to the end I can't explain how u feel or how you feel I know this late but I can't believe she is gone i know your probly not gonna read this but you have my consoles and blessing I truly wish she rest in peace her sole shall live on for ever and ever she is so extraordinary u have no idea I miss joan so much I bet you do too I bless ur mom and family for all u haters for joan she just said her opinion about ur favorite star so what no need to hate anybody or wishes she dies well congrats she dead she should not have died she is just a human being I know she old and had to die at some point but why now I love ya joan rest in peace so sorry for your loss mellisa rivers 😭
11.10.2014, в 06:48
For ever a JOAN RANGER
09.10.2014, в 04:42
Miss you❤️
08.10.2014, в 22:02
08.10.2014, в 11:02
RIP Joan Rivers 😰😰😰😰❤️❤️❤️❤️😇🙏
06.10.2014, в 23:59
Someone who made me smile has died today I can relate Rip papa Rip joan rivers
05.10.2014, в 08:07
I'll miss you Joan!
04.10.2014, в 18:56
R.I.P 😭👼💔👠
04.10.2014, в 13:12
28.09.2014, в 16:33
R.I.P Joan Rivers 💜🙏❤️💜❤️🙏❤️💜❤️
27.09.2014, в 00:37
Your mother was the best in this business she inspire me in soooo many ways, may God continue to bring you peace for you and your amazing son. Lord know i myself knows how it feels to loose a mom, its never easy to forget someone that you cherished and respect and love for so long is now with the almighty father but take all the moments as a blessing and smile and laugh with all the memories she left behind. I know its hard in this time of year its hard to stay strong but just remember that you have gain a built in angel that watching over you and your son.:-) @mel_rivers
26.09.2014, в 16:38
@preety_boi_swagg God bless you
24.09.2014, в 05:15
Btw i messed up some in this run off paragraph sorry ILY
24.09.2014, в 05:14
Bless u sweat heart god will release all great spirtis in joan rivers name my god be with u love will come apound u soon just keep praying and everything will be all right btw she braught love taking to my heart bless ur mom ur family and u its going to be all right,never forget that u are in gods ha d and ur mother braught greatness to me the people and this world so if u need someone to talk to there for you im 11 years old but i still got fillings and they spread all over this room 😢😓😂 NEVER THINK BAD THAUGHTS 💥💥❤❤😄😃😊😀☺😉😍😘😄😃😀
24.09.2014, в 01:47
24.09.2014, в 01:47
She made us laugh and cry. For short she made us happy. I have known her since wayback and it's sad to see her go but i would just like to remember the good things she has done for us. Surely, she will be missed. RIP JOAN 😢
24.09.2014, в 00:05
I miss her a lot ... I wish she could come back again .. Bcos fashion has no joy and happiness with out her , pls come back mum I miss sultry altitude so much
23.09.2014, в 17:03
RIP Joan, blessings of comfort being sent to your family an friends ;)
23.09.2014, в 08:07
Melissa , you are a wonderful person , You guys were blessed to have had such a loving relationship. Your mom would have been so proud of you the way you handled everything . I pray that you and cooper find comfort and peace ... I loved Joan , she was the best!
23.09.2014, в 07:13
I love you Joan!! Miss you so much!!
23.09.2014, в 03:54
Poor cooper he must be in a lot pain since she left
23.09.2014, в 01:37
I never thought i would feel sad for the death if someone I did not know personally, But I admire Joan so much that i feel like it was a personal loss, i still feel just broken about her death 😢 #thankyou #for existing
22.09.2014, в 21:09
- love yhu joan
22.09.2014, в 12:44
22.09.2014, в 07:20
QED! Joan :(
22.09.2014, в 03:58
Very sorry for your loss, she will be deeply missed but never forgotten! She will always be with you. Take care.
22.09.2014, в 03:30
RIP Joan ❤️
21.09.2014, в 23:14
😓 @sonchiii still so sad...
21.09.2014, в 22:20
21.09.2014, в 22:20
Condolences to Melissa & Cooper !
21.09.2014, в 22:20
Her story INSPIRES ME !!
21.09.2014, в 22:19
One of a kind !!!!
21.09.2014, в 21:14
@fermacki escríbele a Melissa Rivers!
21.09.2014, в 20:25
Peace and love to u who lived joan
21.09.2014, в 19:59
How I laughed so so funny xx I lost my own mother you will never get over it but you will in time learn to live with it xx god bless xx
21.09.2014, в 17:52
She was one in a million!!!
21.09.2014, в 16:06
21.09.2014, в 13:55
Just finished watching the tribute to Joan and I was crying and laughing at the same time. Love you Joan xx
21.09.2014, в 10:49
She was beyond amazing love you and her always!! Stay strong
21.09.2014, в 09:19
I miss u
21.09.2014, в 08:48
Your mother was one of the funniest women in the world RIP JOAN RIVERS THE GREAT
21.09.2014, в 03:17
@kewl_beans_ you're right god doent like ugly but she was mean too.
21.09.2014, в 03:16
She did alot of back bitting. . She called Elizabeth Taylor fat so many time..thats so hurtful
21.09.2014, в 02:29
Love you, Joan. RIP
21.09.2014, в 02:28
Joan Rivers did it her way.. Your memory will stay with us, an we will keep on laughing!
21.09.2014, в 02:26
Love and miss you, Joan Rivers. You did it your way and kept us laughing. I'll miss your shows with Melissa, they were soooo funny. RIP
21.09.2014, в 02:24
21.09.2014, в 00:19
Joan rivers <3 xx
21.09.2014, в 00:17
It's not karma! It's just pure ignorance!!! @joanrivers is in a better place right now! You're saying that to fit in with the rest of the 👺! Remember God doesn't like ugly!! She's gone now🙏 #letitgo @ma.305
20.09.2014, в 22:50
20.09.2014, в 21:46
Stfu @ma.305
20.09.2014, в 18:47
@ma.305 shut up
20.09.2014, в 18:18
So happy for Palestine children
20.09.2014, в 18:04
Funny beautiful person is forever going peace love and respect rip Joan rivers
20.09.2014, в 17:51
Loved her for the laughs my whole life #RIPJR great tribute to her tonight!!! Watched it all the way from Sydney, Australia... Laughing & crying 🙌 with all the #JoanRangers xo Joan was a beautiful woman who inspired countless generations!! I remember her interviewing stars who are not so visible anymore and she is still on trend & on the pulse👊 peace & love xox
20.09.2014, в 17:36
20.09.2014, в 15:41
I will miss her. FP won't be the same without her. She was hysterical! RIP Joan. Joan ranger salute.
20.09.2014, в 13:31
I miss joan so much
20.09.2014, в 13:07
RIP Joan ya crazy mofo. Love ya 😉
20.09.2014, в 10:26
20.09.2014, в 09:49
Melissa and Cooper- you know she loved you beyond your deepest thoughts!! Much love @joanrivers
20.09.2014, в 09:41
@t.mahmood87 👍
20.09.2014, в 09:36
20.09.2014, в 09:28
My sincere condolences. I miss Joan on Fashion Police...can't imagine the show without her. She was everything on the show. I admire her career and her hustle. Rip Joan
20.09.2014, в 08:50
@labbyd25 okay, 1) Allah means god in Arabic, so stfu:))))) 2) let this person believe on what they believe in. You will NEVER in counter with this person ever again, in life, why do you even try to just be offended and hate on someone's beliefs? Sounds pretty stupid, oops
20.09.2014, в 08:42
@labbyd25 Do you know how many religions there were before Christianity? Tons. And want to know something interesting? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME THING. In every religion, it's all the same. The exact same things happen in ever religion. Bashing someone because they don't believe the same way you do is terrible. It's not your fucking decision in who someone else believes in. You can't force someone to believe in a god that they don't believe in. Just stop being heartless people
20.09.2014, в 08:37
^^^^^^^^ only real God is chrisitian God lol Joan was Jewish
20.09.2014, в 08:34
@t.mahmood87 Allah isn't real. Allah isn't real. Allah isn't real. Allah isn't real. The only REAL God is the CHRISTIAN God.
20.09.2014, в 08:29
@t.mahmood87 you're so full of shit. go be hateful and heartless in hell with your allah.
20.09.2014, в 08:28
@t.mahmood87 Bitch go back to Tehran you freak
20.09.2014, в 08:27
I miss Joan. 😢
20.09.2014, в 08:14
@t.mahmood87 there is no Allah, you are a horrible person. Joan Rivers was an amazing woman, I and many others miss her and will always love her. If you think there is an Allah why waste your time making comments here, you clot.
20.09.2014, в 07:02
@t.mahmood87 while I generally don't get into arguments with strangers on the internet, I have to say you are one ugly bitch. I, along w millions of ppl world wide loved Joan. You are pathetic soul for the things you have said about Joan. You should be ashamed of yourself.
20.09.2014, в 07:01
@t.mahmood87 || bitch , your the olle lifeless ass one HOP TFUUC OFF HER PAGE ! & do you shit ✌️ . •• I love you Joan 💕😩😔😘
20.09.2014, в 06:59
@t.mahmood87 you're the heartless person here
20.09.2014, в 06:00
Thank allah cruel heartless woman is gone 👉👉👉👉
20.09.2014, в 06:00
Good riddance
20.09.2014, в 06:00
Die bitch dead
20.09.2014, в 05:53
You are as strong as your Mother, She worked hard and her legacy will be cherished, RIP Joan 🙏
20.09.2014, в 05:45
Rest in peace Joan. Rest in peace. #rip #restinpeacejoan #joanrivers
20.09.2014, в 05:20
We think of Joan everyday, you are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless xoxo @mel_rivers @fashionpolice @giulianarancic @kellyosbourne @georgekotsi
20.09.2014, в 04:37
I think of you and Cooper daily. I cannot imagine the pain and anger you must feel on top of your grieving. I hope all of the love the world has shown provides a little comfort for you. 💔
20.09.2014, в 04:10
She was such a nice person
20.09.2014, в 04:07
@kingtwinn1 why r u interacting with people pretending as @mel_rivers that is so wrong and rude!
20.09.2014, в 03:22
@aaaar1980 @nanooo_
20.09.2014, в 01:01
She was everything! Her joy and passion for life was all-encompassing. I am thankful she lived and we all got to know her.
19.09.2014, в 22:48
Melissa you mother was beautiful in every way!
19.09.2014, в 22:43
A great woman leaving a great legacy... missed by many - May God console you in your grief
19.09.2014, в 22:38
Rip @joanrivers #neverforgotten #rip
19.09.2014, в 18:46
Love to you and cooper , amazing funny woman moved the world over @joanrivers #gonebutnotforgotten xxx
19.09.2014, в 18:30
Xoxo Melissa Cooper!! :-)
19.09.2014, в 17:20
I so disagree with Adele. We will never find someone like her. The one and only, funny and fashionable woman Joan Rivers. Rest in fabulousness.
19.09.2014, в 14:57
May she rest in fabulousness! She touched the lives of so many & she is missed by hearts all around the world. Thoughts & prayers to you two, god bless!
19.09.2014, в 09:47
Bye bitch ✋ your next
19.09.2014, в 09:03
19.09.2014, в 08:50
hi @mel_rivers @joanrivers my family & i love joan so much. i'm sad that i won't be able to see her perform live ever. 😔 we will truly miss her. will@it be possible to do a joan knows best finale show? we just want a closure. we're still in denial 😔 praying for you @mel_rivers & cooper. may God bless you with strength & comfort. ❤️
19.09.2014, в 07:42
So sorry for your loss. Joan was a wonderful person. RIP Joan, you will be greatly missed.
19.09.2014, в 06:57
So sorry, Joan is amazing and forever in my heart
19.09.2014, в 06:51
@joanrivers you were, are and will be the best female comedian ever! The red carpet will never be the same without you!!! RIP.
19.09.2014, в 05:34
I truly loved her :)
19.09.2014, в 05:15
Love u!
19.09.2014, в 04:26
Condolences to u and cooper, I loved ur mom so much and will miss fashion police! May she rip
19.09.2014, в 04:00
So so sad that Joan is gone, she was vibrant, hilarious & sharp as a whip. What a woman... RIP
19.09.2014, в 03:24
Condolences to you and your family Melissa! 🙏....#ripjoanrivers
19.09.2014, в 03:16
Thank you for reaching out - like me - I know many have been concerned about you and Cooper. Somehow hearing these messages from@you makes my heart a bit lighter - still having my own issue with your Mom's passing - so I can ONLY image your pain. Remember her love -
19.09.2014, в 03:13
19.09.2014, в 03:04
@danielabtesh @malcavh malca lllorooo
19.09.2014, в 02:40
Your Mother was and is a true treasure!
19.09.2014, в 02:07
Your mom made me laugh and I so enjoyed watching her!!! May she rest in peace..........
19.09.2014, в 02:03
i love you joan @jan.mackenzie
19.09.2014, в 01:57
19.09.2014, в 01:56
Healing wishes for you and Cooper. Thank you for continuing to keep her memory alive. Forever in my heart!
19.09.2014, в 01:49
Your mom will be always loved!! Ecuador loves her❤️. Now heaven is having such more fun now with her. Blessings for the whole family.
19.09.2014, в 01:48
Your Mom would have loved your strength that you have shown through out this time...she would be very proud of you and Cooper !!!💕🌹
19.09.2014, в 01:47
I think of her often and will miss hearing her voice on TV. You and Cooper are in my thoughts as you find peace in your loss.
19.09.2014, в 01:39
19.09.2014, в 01:10
Fridays will never be the same :(
19.09.2014, в 01:08
19.09.2014, в 01:02
like I known her I watched it since I was a little girl I've always loved her but she rest in peace and you take care of you and your son
19.09.2014, в 01:02
I love u and your mom I feel that I
19.09.2014, в 00:55
Melissa, I'm so sorry. You and your mother do NOT deserve this... If there is a heaven she sure went to it... 💔 I'm not sure why, but I feel almost connected to you. I'm sorry. You will get through this. Stay strong my little lovely @melissa_rivers ❤️
19.09.2014, в 00:39
I MISS AND LOVE YOU JOAN RIVERS💘💘💘😭😭💘💘 my inspiration to be a candid bitch ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋
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