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Кэнди Джонсон
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Don't ever feel like you don't fit in... It's because you're not meant to blend in, you were worn to stand out and shine.....I hope you guys were so encouraged for not just the day, but for your future too from the video I just uploaded- if you missed it, stop what you're doing and go watch it now: link to video is in my bio!

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25.01.2014, в 22:22
Now that is the god honest.truth. Now ya.ll live with it.lol
15.01.2014, в 06:54
Thanks for the advice
12.01.2014, в 15:00
That video was soooo amazing thankyou soo much for going it thanks for making me see the bright side 🌟❤️
11.01.2014, в 08:48
ure vid inspire me. thx 4 uploadin it!!! :) hugs from singapore
10.01.2014, в 21:16
Your video is speechless x I feel so much more special xxx than ever before xx I love you x !!
08.01.2014, в 21:16
Thanks this meant a lot
08.01.2014, в 07:45
Thank u for making that video it actually changed my life soo much 😢😢😇😇😇😇
07.01.2014, в 08:53
This video was absolutely amazing. I guarantee you 360 views because I plan on watching this every day.... I will watch this every day. This is the perfect way to start a day. Filled with positive energy and kind words. Thank you for making this video Kandee, it inspired me to start taking risks and not worry about the "what ifs" in life XOXO ❤️❤️
07.01.2014, в 03:03
Thank you for words. I really needed them! 😘
07.01.2014, в 01:21
I think you' re an amazing person. You brighten up my life with just being you. I love you so much. Thank you for being you and for standing out and shine. ♡♡♡
07.01.2014, в 01:17
Thank you so much for your words of inspiration. For your hugs
07.01.2014, в 00:48
Kandee you inspired me to do makeup you are sweet and kind and no one will regret it because you rock and I really love that
06.01.2014, в 08:32
You are such an inspiration and role model. Thank you so much you are an amazing person. Kisses from my home to yours!😊
06.01.2014, в 08:15
You made my day with your video! I was madly inspired Thank you so much wish I could meet you on day would be amazing! Lots of love and hugs from Ireland 😜😍
06.01.2014, в 07:10
Thank you @kandeejohnson i love you soo much! :*
06.01.2014, в 06:36
I really enjoyed your video today! I think I'm gonna watch it first thing in the morning every day for a little while. It really lifted my spirits :)
06.01.2014, в 05:01
@kandeejohnson you seriously made me feel so much better I was having a bad day but everything you said was true I am a big fan your always so positive and the video you made will always remind me to be happy thankyou so much for being so kind and supportive
06.01.2014, в 04:09
U made my day with that video ! I was amazingly inspirered! Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️
06.01.2014, в 01:59
U make my day ☀️, love ur site on youtube !! Keep up thee good work u are so awsome thanks kandee ! Lots of 💛 and hugs from Norway :)
06.01.2014, в 01:13
This video really touched my heart! It is so inspirational ur kids r lucky to have a mom like u!
05.01.2014, в 23:53
Kandee check out 100happydays.com I think you'd like it! You post a photo every day of something that made you happy! It's a great way for everyone to appreciate the good in their life! :)💜
05.01.2014, в 23:52
Thank u soo much kandee I love u please get my computer hugs I was crying when u replyed !! :-) @kandeejohnson
05.01.2014, в 23:47
Hey kandee I am a big fan and I just wanted to say your very beutiful and I love all your videos
05.01.2014, в 23:35
You're the best 💕
05.01.2014, в 23:04
I just saw the video one minute ago and mygod, thank you so much for that ! You're always so positive and sweet, I love it that you care so much about everyone and want that life goes perfectly for everyone. You really inspired me, and made me smile. Thank you for telling me how amazing I am, you really made my day/week/month/year 😊 I just love you so much. big hug from the Netherlands 😊💕 x
05.01.2014, в 22:04
@kandeejohnson thank you for this. You are amazing! ♡
05.01.2014, в 21:24
@kandeejohnson thanks for this video...love it...sometimes I go through when im feeling im too nice to people even when they are rude...but I will continue to be me!!! Love how compared the past to a bad movie!!! This will always stay in my mind and heart!!! U are absolutely amazing
05.01.2014, в 21:00
This was so motivating 💜 thank you kandee for taking time out of your day to make others feel good! You are such a sweet person!
05.01.2014, в 19:45
Very well said my friend
05.01.2014, в 19:00
Thank you Kandee for helping me throughout your video ! Keep up the good work ! Love you loads xo .💜💜💜
05.01.2014, в 14:41
Your video really touched my heart! I started so bad in this new year, lost my lover and my best friend..but past is past and you really helped me to think a little bit more positive again..thanks kandee 💜
05.01.2014, в 14:03
@kandeejohnson you are an amazing person *_* thanks for that video
05.01.2014, в 13:04
I really enjoyed watching your video, your enthusiasm and kindness shone!
05.01.2014, в 12:35
I honestly love you so much you make my day and you're like this little bubble of happiness even when it's not your best day i admire you so much for that keep doing what you do best kandee !♔
05.01.2014, в 12:23
@kandeejohnson I loved your video but I wish I was surrounded by people like you as opposed to the negative Nancy's that are happier to criticise and pick on people who are trying to "shine". My dad passed away 6 years ago tomorrow and its very uplifting to hear how you cope as it is an awful thing to deal with. Thank you for your inspiration xxx
05.01.2014, в 11:22
I honestly believe not all super Herod wear capes and that's you kandee you are so special please never stop doing what you do!
05.01.2014, в 11:21
Kandee I want to thank you the 8 min video of you constant encouraging words brought me to tears you make me feel like I can do anything thank you so much you are an angel I swear! Love you so much you made my out look on this year so much brighter ❤️
05.01.2014, в 11:17
You are better than any inspiring book. You're words come straight from the heart. ♥♥♥
05.01.2014, в 11:15
Thank u soo very much for replying @kandeejohnson
05.01.2014, в 11:14
This is the best day ever !!!! @kandeejohnson
05.01.2014, в 11:02
Shine bright like a diamond and sparkle like the jewel that u r xxxx
05.01.2014, в 10:13
Hi kandee! Your probably not going to see this !! You are my idol ... I don't know how to put this in words .. Kandee thank u !! Watching your videos make me smile ! Your like sunshine that goes everywhere and makes everybody shine with u !! :-) u make me want to be a makeup artist when I get older ,and I do. My dream and wish is to meet u ! If I met u I would faint ! I thanks for making videos ! I hope u continue them if u can .. I'm sorry about your dad .. But I know he's sooo proud .. And I know who's this little girl that's commenting on my page ,, well it's your 1# fan that's who ;-) !! Kandee it would make my world if u would take your time and reply back !! I would start crying if u did !! I hope u get my computer hugs !! U bring a cheer to me every time I watch your videos ! THANK YOU !! I love u kandee I really do!! Please follow or write back !! I love u !! XOXOXO @kandeejohnson
05.01.2014, в 09:27
I love your videos! God bless you and your family for sharing your sparklely-ness!
05.01.2014, в 08:59
I almost cried @kandeejohnson
05.01.2014, в 08:57
@kandeejohnson OMG those words u said where so inspiring and I love you! U totally made my day! Whenever I'm so sad I put on ur videos and they cheer me up. You are my idol and I love you! These 5 steps can really change your life! U encourage to do stuff & have hope in my life!! I really admire you and I hope someday I can be just like u! And I love how u say computer hungs (haha) 😜 I know u get these a lot so bye!😜 it would be an honor to meet u someday!
05.01.2014, в 08:49
I'm having the worst day in the world. And it's my birthday. I love you Kandee thanks
05.01.2014, в 08:46
Keep shining your light Kandee! You have such a beautiful soul~ I love you! ❤️
05.01.2014, в 08:36
But what if I don't want to? What if shining isn't my thing? 😬😣😉 @kandeejohnson
05.01.2014, в 08:35
I love that video!! It seriously turned my day around and my thoughts around as well! You are a true inspiration and I'm very grateful for all your positive words & videos thank you!!!
05.01.2014, в 08:31
I just wanted to know that I love you so much because in your videos you are always just so bubbly and happy and you anytime that I am feeling sad, I just watch your videos and you make me feel so happy. You are truly amazing Kandee.
05.01.2014, в 08:19
@kandeejohnson you made me do things in honor of my dad. He passed last year dec. thank you for this. You have me the confidence I needed also to start y beauty channel which I will be doig next week. Thank you fr being an inspiration love you!
05.01.2014, в 07:44
Obviously I don't know you but I can tell just my watching your videos that you are such a special,caring, beautiful person. You have an energy that comes across that is unlike most people. Thank you for sharing your talent and positive influence with the world!
05.01.2014, в 07:41
Love you smell 5
05.01.2014, в 07:27
Uhhhh double like
05.01.2014, в 06:46
❤️I love u kandee and the video was a blast thank you 🙏🙏🙏
05.01.2014, в 06:41
@kandeejohnson this video was amazing! It inspired me to follow the 5 steps and make everyday awesome! I love you so much! You are such an inspiration! And huge hugs back to you 😘 you are so pretty and amazing!
05.01.2014, в 06:35
Thank you sooo much @kandeejohnson you are an amazing woman. Giant hugs back to you. I've been taking in ever word you've said. God bless you love!!
05.01.2014, в 06:29
Your amazing thank that only simple things I say to you :D ♡.
05.01.2014, в 06:27
You are awesome wish I could meet you for real !
05.01.2014, в 06:23
You're awesome sauce!!! 😍
05.01.2014, в 05:44
Luv ya! Kandee your the best ever❤you are my sunshine☀❤😘
05.01.2014, в 05:44
I love you !!!
05.01.2014, в 05:30
Omg I'm like crying I love you too!!!💕 @kandeejohnson
05.01.2014, в 05:11
I just watched your new video today and I fell in love with it . It really inspired me thank you so much kandee you have such a amazing presents about you never change ❤ @kandeejohnson
05.01.2014, в 05:00
Actually that picture doesn't make sense because the picture up top is literally standing out of the world because it's a picture of space and the bottom picture says to stand out but it's in our world's atmosphere. But you're cool so it's ok.
05.01.2014, в 04:53
Exactly! We are not of this world!
05.01.2014, в 04:50
U are the most gorgeous person I have ever seen. Ur mind is beautiful and you are so inspiring to me. Ur the burst of sunshine I need. Whenever I feel sad I know I can go to ur channel and be happy and know you care for me. I love you Kandee xoxoxo @kandeejohnson
05.01.2014, в 04:46
You are amazing and so is your family
05.01.2014, в 04:45
**Thanks not landed haha
05.01.2014, в 04:44
Kandee you're the biggest inspiration ever!!!!
05.01.2014, в 04:42
@kandeejohnson You are such an inspiration to me because you are so happy and you make everyone else happy no matter what has happened to you and I admire how you can turn people's bad days into good ones I really do admire you, you are the type of person I want to be like. love you!!!!
05.01.2014, в 04:34
Kandee, my family had to put down my dog today.. Watching your videos is the only thing that has made me smile today.. Thank you for being so inspiring and making me happy❤
05.01.2014, в 04:33
@kandeejohnson thank you for everything you do. You keep me positive when there are hard times you are amazing and you mean so much to so many people, you're a lifesaver, keep being beautiful inside and out
05.01.2014, в 04:32
omg it means so much that you replied! i love you kandee! 😩💖
05.01.2014, в 04:27
i love you kandee! ive been watching you since your squeaky camera days lol. so beautiful inside and out. your videos always made me feel better when i would lay in bed and be depressed, lol no joke. you inspire me. from my heart to yours! -angelface
05.01.2014, в 04:27
Really good video ♡♡thanks ! :)
05.01.2014, в 04:26
Kandee u have inspired me I ♥ U SO MUCH!!!!! :) @kandeejohnson
05.01.2014, в 04:26
You're truly beautiful on the inside and out. Love ya girl!
05.01.2014, в 04:26
The BEST advice ever. You kind words have gotton me through the hardest of times and made me a stronger better person. Thankyou kandee! Love ya! Xx
05.01.2014, в 04:25
I love you so much and your videos help alot of people. <33
05.01.2014, в 04:25
@kandeejohnson I love you much you are my inspiration and I just wanted you to know that c:
05.01.2014, в 04:16
<3 thank u. Ive felt that way lately.
05.01.2014, в 04:00
You are such a inspiration to me! I have been watching your videos for years now but I just lost my grandmother this morning and I felt so depressed but then I started watching your videos and they made me so happy then I watched your video about how you lost your dad and it made me realize that even though they aren't here with you they will all ways be watching over you. Thank you so much kandee you are my role model!! My dream is to one day meet you in person but for right now watching your videos makes me feel like I am talking with you. Love you so much !
05.01.2014, в 03:56
I don't feel like I belong where I am physically, but mentally I'm with all my online spoonie(chronically ill) friends who I am so grateful for and who love and understand me❤❤ LOVE YOU SO MUCH KANDEE!
05.01.2014, в 03:56
Amazing video!! Needed that thank you! I love you Kandeeeeee!! 💜
05.01.2014, в 03:55
Awesome video! I watched it this am, and found myself thinking about those amazingly positive words throughout the day.
05.01.2014, в 03:55
Omgg that video was just What i needed right now! I love you so much Kandee 😊❤💋
05.01.2014, в 03:54
This video was goooddd every word you said was inspayring this video helped me a lot thank you soo much for being there for us.i wish i could met you to give you a bigggg hug
05.01.2014, в 03:46
Omg u are my role model thank u so much!!!
05.01.2014, в 03:39
You Know the best of men worry not because they put their trust in their lord, a power higher, and greatest ,the power of the sublime the lord of the worlds!
05.01.2014, в 03:37
Amen and thank you for the awesome video 😘
05.01.2014, в 03:29
Just watched the video you can always trust kandee to make your day go better
05.01.2014, в 03:24
I love this👐🙌🙏☝️
05.01.2014, в 03:19
The only problems with this world with being different comes with a lot and come with a lot less people to be with but I love being different I think everyone should try it and having u to let people know that's it's okay is even better I think ur so beautiful and inspiring thanks you so much for being different and just for being you xxx we love you xx btw you have a typo "you were worn" 😅😹 not judging x
05.01.2014, в 03:18
This is for my future @kandeejohnson thank thank thank u
05.01.2014, в 03:18
That video was just amazing. Thank you so much. It's one of my favorites on youtube!
05.01.2014, в 03:16
Love you kandee! Thankyou❤️
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