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@kevin 1.4kk

Кевин Систром

CEO и создатель Инстаграм

07.10.10, 9:03
5 комментариев

Great 1st day boys!! Hope that is a beer in your hands Systrom!


Finished it. Back to work ;)


This 'thing' is truly awesome. Thank you for bringing it to life (and the masses).


Glad to hear instagram is web scale


Hey Mr Systrom - is this pretty near to your first photo? I keep trying to get down to your first ones, just outta curiosity, but the app keeps crashing before I get there. Chances of you seeing this comment? Hmmm. Ok, anyway - instagram is 3 weeks new to me & it's the best app I've ever had. Thanks for it - please get them to iron out the crashes though, that'd be marvellous Hope your first photo was a good un! Frankie

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