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@kevin 1.4kk

Кевин Систром

CEO и создатель Инстаграм

09.11.10, 3:36
9 комментариев

It looks like it's asking to borrow your underwear and toothbrush as well


Yeah, this scared me yesterday when I got the beta.


How do you like it so far?


Hahaha, yeah. I found that impressive as well. The beta pretty good so far for me, but it still has a issues, but betas always do.


On their own, each of those permissions make sense. And, if you just handed over your password, they'd have all that access and more, without having to disclose anything. Which is better?


Access to facebook chat seems a bit intense to me, even on it's own. Just IMO


I felt the same. It's the most long list I have ever seen.


I got it, I just don't know if I really need it


Yes! First app where I needed to scroll below to see

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