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@kevin 1.4kk

Кевин Систром

CEO и создатель Инстаграм

12.11.10, 5:33
35 комментариев

Yeah!!!!!I love it !! Many thanksss of mike and you!!!!!


^ what he said.


Love love love your app. You've probably heard this 1000s of times but I am totally addicted to IG it is seriously The Best app and more importantly community!! Heart.


Wahoo! Thank you for Instagram.


Great shot!! Like×100


Whoo hoo!!! Yay! Happy dance time!!! :)


Thanks Kevin! Instagram is gonna be huge, and you're all going to become Internet superstars! ;)


Great message guys! Wishing you both every success ;)


A++++ we love you!!


Thanks for instagram! Im glad you guys found work that u really care about. Not many people have that :)


I dig it!


Yesss thank you so much!!!! U rock


Ohhhhh. I heard you were felling the company and moving Juan. Thanks for clearing that up.


Instagram checking has all replaced my twitter checking!


Thank goodness! :D


Thanks a ton.


Awesome app guys. It is a lot of fun.


Awesome! You guys have created a very unique and engaging community and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow! Thanks for the effort and the wonderful app!


Check my feed for an image response. :)


Thanks. That's all.


AddiCted to Instagram! Thx so much for all your hard wOrk!


Instagram is my new obsession! Love it.


I found this app randomly at the app store. Ever since then I got totally addicted to it. I think it's really amazing to see awesome pictures shared by ppl around the world. Just love it :)


I found this app by chance bored at the airport. I'm a photography major and was creatively whipped until I downloaded this app. it's inspirational and has 100% improved my work! istagram hands down is the beat app ever for the iphone. thank you guys


Thank you !!! I love Instagram


Great! Thank you, Guys!!


I live this app!


You are possibly the only company I've known that interacts directly with users thru your app to share your future plans. Can't thank you enough. IG will continue to make waves and has got great future. Thanks to you all for the hardwork. Goodluck.


I love it, thank you. FOLLOW ME!!!!


Don't sellout guys! Instagram is rocking the house.


오 좋은 아이디어당:-)


I'm on this app more then ant others!


Thank you brother..i love it.good job for you.


Is it true when they say like having a to resh


And ur having problems on Instagram does that mean that ur ig account is being deld

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