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CEO и создатель Инстаграм

19.11.10, 18:32
16 комментариев

Check your mail guys ;)


Very nice! Come check out my pics and follow me! Thanks!


Chinese!! (I can do both traditional and simplified type) =D


I would like to translate it to Malay (Malaysia)


Very Obama '08 layout - I like it


I'll translate to Bahstun.


What a great idea! Sadly I'm barely fluent in one language but I wish I could help


Great!!! Please check out my pictures!


Finnish :) But not sure if I should email!


old English!! or pirate!! arrrg


German, and I even live in the Bay area :-) and for those people that are just copying and pasting their "nice, please follow me" messages... Are you even looking at the pictures when you do that??


I can verify Traditional Chinese


Malay malay!! *malaysia*


Mandarin(simplified & traditional) and Cantonese


Fit aboot a spikin in guid auld scotish


Yiiiiihaaaa.. I got an email from Instagram. Terima Kasih!

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