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@kevin 1.4kk

Кевин Систром

CEO и создатель Инстаграм

28.11.10, 2:48
8 комментариев

Whatever you are writing I hope it can give more favorable treatment to cat pictures. This picture, for example, would probably be on the popular page if a cat were on the keyboard instead of your hands. Just trying to help out. :)


Yes, clearly there is a problem with the dearth of cats. /sarcasm/


Anytime. Seriously though, great job on this app. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do on next update.


Just want to tell I appreciate more peoples photos can show in the popular now:)


Good job Kevin, me and my frens always adore with your App. Viva iPhone dev. :D


I love all the cat pics! Must be just me. Love your work. Instagram FTW!


A giant thank you for your hard work, and congratulations on your achievement with IG! Keep it up! :) ps nice pics...


I hear you are the man responsible for IG. We love it here so thank you. And I love cats!

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