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03.12.10, 5:46
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How about Filipino? :)


Yes! Other languages too. Send us an email!


Japanese too! XD


Japanese German Spanish Chinese and others are all underway!


Polish here. E-mail tomorrow :-)


<---still hoping you take me up on my offer for Queens English. Word.


I know yeehaw! :)


After German I can offer Swabian (a southern German dialect ;-))


What about Texan? That's for SURE another language!


I speak French, but I'm VERY bad at translating.:((


What about hebrew?


Mandarin Chinese & cantonese Chinese


Lol it's a funny ad !!!... Speaking a language doesn't necessarily make u a translator !!!


Bahasa melayu. (Malaysia)


Can help you find hebrew translator


What you guys need to do is tell people how pictures are chosen for the popular page. Doesn't make sense. Great app other than that!


Of course, the Korean!!


French , think imma the only girl in instagram wooooorld !


I can help with Italian translation!


I am French and not so bad at translating English.


Russian and Czech


Comment translation would be cool. And also collapsible comments for those times when no time. You guys are doing great things!


I speak 한국어!


Indonesians? Yes puuuhleeez


I speak persish, German, japanese, english but not so Big Problem for me xD


I think instagram should stay english.. And I'm not a native speaker.


French as well. :)


I'm Italian, but I don't want instagram to be translated. The few words that are in here don't need a translation to be understood. Learn a little bit of English instead! ;)


Mexican!! With all the slang is necessary!


Sent you an e-mail. Russian. But to honest, english version will be my favourite :)


How fun is iG that we need a translator?!!!!! Reaching out!!


Spanish here, but i don't mind if IG stays in english


I think I can help Korean & Chinese_mandarin


I'm french. I CAN do it with pleasure, if you need.


I love this crazy growth! If u need me to translate Chicago accents I'll be more than happy :)




I'm dutch, so if you need help, contact me :)


I can speak English, japanese, 한국어!! Yeah!!! I glad to see "한국어"


Mi piace!! I'm italian :)


and SPANISH please!!


How about Arabic ?


Cockney gibberish 


I'll help you with Swedish!


just sent an email! :)


To be honest it is really fun to read snippets of all the different languages! IG is multicultural!


IG- a window to the world!


Great crowdsourcing tip tnx!

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