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@kevin 1.4kk

Кевин Систром

CEO и создатель Инстаграм

05.12.10, 4:52
14 комментариев

It's too complucated


Dude, they are worth the effort. Get back to work and create some new ones!


Like like like...more filters please!


Thanks for the hard work ;)


And I thought this was part of the translation effort for Instagram :-)


Hmm mean time can you please let us know what do you guys have in mind when you choose lily filter? Cause that is the hardest filter to work with :) stat!


I am so intrigued. Make it a good one!


But isn't the answer always 42? Very cool and thanks for the effort with the filters


I know I wrote the filters for radar iPhone app I feel you!!!!!!


Keep up the good work. IG's filters are amazing. Thank you!!!


Yay! Is it an amber beery one you'll call "doug"? :D haha


I have a few good poprockets, I can't commit to the lily, but when I get a good Gotham, it makes my day :) thanks for the memories :)


Can I move to San Fran and be an intern? I want to learn this


This isn't Mathematica. What are you using for symbolic math?

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