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@kevin 1.4kk

Кевин Систром

CEO и создатель Инстаграм

13.12.10, 21:28
12 комментариев

R u graphic designer


He has one hanging neck


The Posture Police and going to cite him any minute now.


That handrail coming out of his nose isn't helping either


Have one iMac are the best


Okay.. Once again.. Please mark your new member with.. Single.. And not available... Thank you... Lmao!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAASSE .. I want to look at everyones pictures and it takes up too much of my time to scroll. I'm on IG more than half my day jus scroooooling and scrolling! Please Josh, I've gone on iTunes and your website to write you about it and I've seen a couple other people do the same. It would make IG just that more enjoyable foe everyone :D ..& give older pics a chance to be seen!! (*^_^*)


Ps, I love you guys


Wow tough crowd


You need to raise josh's screen height


You should pair program, if only for more interesting office photos 


تعبت يدي و انا نازل

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