Opal — Кошка

A rare adventure tonight with my pops. #madameopal #cornishrex

Комментарии 9

03.10.2015, в 07:47
You are very adventurous cat!❤️❤️💙💓
22.09.2015, в 16:36
@madameopal Toto hasn't got an own account here at Instagram, 'cause most of his daylife he sleeps and that's boring to follow... And the Nightlife "results" (mouses and birds) are too disgusting to be posted! 🐀🐁😺😱😂 😘
21.09.2015, в 23:27
Wow wild buffalo! That is so cool even if a little scary. I've only ever seen them in the on the TV 😺 Glad you had a nice weekend 😸😻😽❤
21.09.2015, в 22:02
@madameopal sorry, I did not introduce myself: My name is TOTO, I am a male British Shorthair. This is my Mom's account, her nick name is Jay. You'll find a picture of my booty 🙀 on her account. For me and all the cats I know here at the neighbourhood, to go for a walk with cats is still unusual. I am living in Mom's house, and have a little door to go outside whenever I like to. I am checking out the fields next to our garden and I think I have a good life, but although your human puts a leash on, you seem to have more adventures then I do!? 😼😽
21.09.2015, в 20:42
Love Opal adventures 👍🏻
21.09.2015, в 15:39
She looks soo on edge😄😍
21.09.2015, в 10:08
I am from Germany and love to see your outdoor adventures 😎😍 - just wondering what kind of parcs you are visiting: is this always common area, for everyone to go for a walk, or do your humans choose separate special places? What about other people, or dogs or children staring at you and trying to cuddle? Like to tell us?
21.09.2015, в 08:29
Looks like a cool adventure spot! What did you see? 😻
21.09.2015, в 06:19
Hello Opal...Fun and So happy 😘😘😘😘
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