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16.10.10, 3:37
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こんにちは!たくさんぽちすると迷惑に...と思いながらも...あたたかい一枚、Maruたん、海に誘われるまま...ぽちぽち...すみませんf^_^;)この一枚大好きです!! ありがとうございます(^ ^)こちらこそ!よろしくお願いしまっす。


Ur first pic of Maru?


Wow! Maru's first pic on IG!!


She has the same birthday as me!!!!


Wow... u were just like me!!! Not Instagram famous... this is awesome. I came all the way down to see Maturo's first pic. THIS. THIS. AWESOME.


Congratulations Your gallery is spectacular!


AAA cool I came to see maturos first pic too


I cam to see Maru's first photo and it is just beauiful


Maru's first photo.A half and two years ago.hahaha so cute


Wow!!! Looking back at all ur photos, I can only say ur photos are more beautiful & expressive everyday... but above of all, ur pics bring bigger smiles & more joys!! Thx u & pls keep posting!


First pic of maru :]


such nice smile. much time to get here.


Awww how cute!


He's just like, " well hello there"


His first pic


finally!!! I am here to see very first photo of him!


Wow... the first photo Maru (∩_∩)


My thumb hurts lol,, THE FIRST MARUUUU

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