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Майк Кус


05.11.10, 1:32
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Where's this taken at?




very nice . where u take it?


It's Bath, UK


This soo cool




Beloved city!


This is wonderful.




So rustic :)


It's the Pulteney Bridge, right? When you walk across it's like your just walking down a normal street, not across a bridge.




That is very inspiring. It make me want to write




envy you....wut an awesome place






oh...this is beautiful


Nice shot


i really have to go to the UK one day lol so pretty!!




Bath really is a beautiful place!


Your pictures are very lovely! I have a picture of myself at this exact spot from 15 years ago! Love Bath.


#mikekus #Bath


Lovely scene:) I really liked it to see how your style evolved to what it is now.. Simply awesome!

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