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Майк Кус


18.11.10, 14:39
28 комментариев



Love this!


spy shot ? good take !


Great shot!


Love it!!




Very candid. I love shots like this but most of the time I don't have the nerve to shoot them myself...


Nice capture!


Fantastic shot. Five stars.


Oh! How cute! It's do lovely this one, and old man using a cell phone and behind him a young man. It has a lot of contrast and also they might be waiting for a drink just to relax and think about how day was. :)




I love sneaky pics! I have fun doing this also. When it's tastefully done, of course!!!


Love it.. As a documentarist, i take photos of anything :) the more personal the better;)


Love it this picture...Nice


I bet he was on


I bet he was on


Love the angle, depth and the candid feeling :-)


love it, so nice :) FOLLOW ME! check out my pics :)


Like it a lot, you can immagine a story


He has no clue that he's now an Instagram star.


Nice shot


Stunning picture through the eye of a fly on the bar... Sneaky I love this! Please check out my pics.


I've had a drink there!


Love this. Tells so much story, depending on how you see it.


Maybe he just took a pic of you too. ;)


#mikekus #NewYork




This is a great shot.

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