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@mikekus 837k

Майк Кус


02.12.10, 10:09
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I would love to go in there!


Just the right amount of colour here!


I'd like to think that that old man walking is Mr. Simms leaving for the day.


Is that in t Uk?


@amazinggrace yeah, it's in Bath


Just rad!




Great shot!




gotta love instagram & Internet. WOW! where is this? look it up in 2 seconds, hey, fun, I want to go some day. so, is it any good? or good as looks?


Very cool!


Wonderful color!!




Oh!nice shot!



Cool♪( ´▽`)




We have one in Christchurch aswell


Like a postcard


So pretty


You transport me to another era through these photos. Gorgeous stream' so warm & nostalgic! You're on my radar =)


They've got a Mr Simms in Falmouth too,the coolest looking sweet shops ever


#mikekus #Bath


My favourite kind of shop

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