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12.12.10, 11:50
15 комментариев

Literally gone through all your photos and ive got to say you are one inspirational guy. They truly are unique and quite genius at times. Please keep them coming =]


Just gone through all of your pictures! And I'm officially out on battery on my phone! But I really love your pictures lots of love from Sweden! Xoxo


Yeah! I went through all your photos too! You are amazing! I love everything about you especially that you love skateboarding! Truly fascinated by you!


I shall start here on my journey to like all your pictures


Just gone through all your photo! wow you are amazing you have taking great picture, there is some genius ones on here. What are you not good at? You are truly a great actor, a great photographer and such a handsome man <3


I also gone through all your photos! I think you see the world in an interesting way, and you try to share it with people. Thanks. I'll be your fan from now on. @miloanthonyventimiglia #milo haha


I love ur pics. How old is this acct


Reached until the great photographs that started it all! :) @miloanthonyventimiglia You are truly amazing. I really love your photos. I hope you can take more this year. Please updateeeeee! ♡♡ Plus more movies. I love your acting as well.


awh milo I love you


love you


Love u for ever


love heroes forever


This bed looks sad


I wish you still used your account, be well. I hope you enjoyed you stay in Orlando


Wow finally reached the end, you know you should have more pictures of your face cause it's nice to look at. Or at least was in gilmore girls


Well finally reached the end @miloanthonyventimiglia .. I truly enjoyed all of it.


I have come to your last photo for all your photos, just to see and do screen captures all your photos, I love you and always will


I love you sooooo much milo plz come back on insta so I can see your cute face

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