Никки Бенц — Канадская порноактриса украинского происхождения

Никки Бенц
Канадская порноактриса украинского происхождения

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06.01.2014, в 07:32
#gross. Loses value
06.01.2014, в 07:32
@gqnegro I wouldn't
06.01.2014, в 05:13
@nikkibenz I'd love to see you do an interracial scene
06.01.2014, в 04:11
Who tha fuck is Katie Morgan?!?! Nikki is the shiz!!! I had the great opportunity to meet her a few years back at a club appearance and she was sexy, sweet and down to earth. You can bet your ass my hubby and I have watched quite a few of her vids!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Nikki!!! 💋
06.01.2014, в 00:21
Nikkebenz is cool in my book. I don't give a fuck!!!
05.01.2014, в 23:15
I think andyingbreed77 just made himself look like an idiot.......
05.01.2014, в 18:45
Like I said at the beginning look out up for yourself... the price ranges like that because more people are going to buy a Katie Morgan dvd over a Nikki Benz dvd... sour sweetie but it's the truth... all in all like I said look it up... @timmyjay203
05.01.2014, в 18:38
@adyingbreed77 there's a big difference between 100k and 250k income so that range is dumb. Also drug use is rampant in this industry. These girls have flashy cars and clothes, but easy come easy go. I'd be surprised if half of them saved any of it. Maybe they wouldn't have to do 20 anal scenes with Mandingo a month if they did..just sayin. These girls strip and do private calls to make the real money
05.01.2014, в 17:01
What this girl saying is so true..
05.01.2014, в 15:32
@prandallay It's unbelievable how stupid you are.
05.01.2014, в 15:16
@sinorkujtim man you are stupid as fuck. Saying that you have to be black to be a "real nigga" is just stupid as fuck. Thats like saying that only black people are niggers. That means Ignorant. And there are ignorant motherfuckers in every race. You must be some racist ass whiteboy thinkin he knows everything. And if you Have to say that you are a "Real Nigga" to try and make people think that you are, You obviously ARENT. Sorry to break it to you, wait no im not. @stoppin_poppin
05.01.2014, в 12:45
Gotta love people talking about what they know nothing about
05.01.2014, в 11:29
Niggas got too much time up there #realniggasaintgotnotimeforthat
05.01.2014, в 11:26
@nikkibenz but Nikki aren't these your top customers???
05.01.2014, в 11:20
@nikkibenz Nikki look what you started... Lol keep it up 👍
05.01.2014, в 10:25
@stoppin_poppin bitch, you aint even black
05.01.2014, в 10:19
@teflonscribe I'm 31... I'm not confused at all... like I said before they're not Jay-Z rich but a female porn star makes amazing money... I'm right when I say 100-250k... You're right when you say it depends on the popularity of the female... I just figured that was a given...
05.01.2014, в 10:14
@adyingbreed77 How old are you? How successful do you think pornstars are now? Females are not doing any better in the industry. Between industry contract reshaping and FREE content all over the internet, studios are barely covering the production expenses, website memberships numbers are abismal, so pornstars are not even close to rich. Depending on popularity, they'll get an appearance fee for an event, or set up means to receive gifts or sell signed pictures and underwear for this hung up fans who'd pay for that shit. Jenna Jameson was considered a mogul because she started her own channel, but that doesn't turn much profit. Many of them still strip and escort as a side job. I think you may be a little confused on how these people are living.
05.01.2014, в 09:55
Ima a real nigha...
05.01.2014, в 09:47
The liberty is the real success
05.01.2014, в 09:46
The ll
05.01.2014, в 09:39
@jamanu_ Right... any dudes dream job is to fuck bad bitches and get paid... try getting bad bitches to fuck basic as dudes lol gotta pay those hoes
05.01.2014, в 09:38
@jay_dawg17 you right, niggas got the game fucked up.
05.01.2014, в 09:36
@adyingbreed77 @maccin_mobbin what y'all saying interesting and I know for sure females get paid more than males. One thing is that the females do have side hustle like dancing or even get involved in fashion.
05.01.2014, в 09:33
Why do y'all know so much about porn... ^^^
05.01.2014, в 09:27
Cuz shes a cluck... You ain't gotta believe me bro do your research... guys might bring in 50k a year to do films but females bank... It's hard to find really bad bitches to fuck for money. Any dude would be down lol plus jenna don't do films anymore but she make money off of toys and other shit like that... she ain't broke by far but still ain't got it like she should @maccin_mobbin
05.01.2014, в 09:23
@adyingbreed77 if Pornstars make so much money why jenna jameson hella broke now? She was one of the most famous and desirable women to ever do it and now she ain't got a pot to piss in! They don't make as much as you think, they don't make Shit from the movies that goes to the production companies and the agencies. They get paid a couple thousand per scene, that's why they shoot so many. They need that money from the side ventures to stay afloat and maintain that image their fans love so much. Most live in apartments and don't even own their own homes!
05.01.2014, в 09:14
Warren buffet💳💳💳💳💳💳💳
05.01.2014, в 09:07
05.01.2014, в 08:57
Cars do tho
05.01.2014, в 08:54
Ok so she's not Jay-Z rich @southflstylz but I do know that a female porn star can make anywhere from 100k-250k per year just from movies alone not including side ventures...
05.01.2014, в 08:50
@adyingbreed77 Rich as fuck?? You must not know the real meaning.
05.01.2014, в 08:47
Wait they don't?
05.01.2014, в 08:45
05.01.2014, в 08:40
This bitch is rich as fuck... what do you know about success @johnnybaranowski
05.01.2014, в 08:38
05.01.2014, в 08:38
05.01.2014, в 08:37
05.01.2014, в 08:36
What would you define as success nikki?
05.01.2014, в 08:33
@blakedriver what a hater
05.01.2014, в 08:31
05.01.2014, в 08:30
05.01.2014, в 08:30
@nikkibenz TE AMO
05.01.2014, в 08:30
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