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16.10.10, 20:50
14 комментариев

@pketron fantastic profile-really enjoyed entering your universe!


what an inspiration !!! Thanks  


@pketron Love the entire collection! Just went through about 1800 pics!


Happy IG Birthday!  Oh, and -  I can't believe you beat me by a day! You are awesome.


@pketron I'd be curious to see what you thought about one of my pictures! and its my birthday!


Heh, statigram made that part easy. I had to come see for myself. 😀


Humble beginnings on your way to 400k followers, congrats!


Thank you! !! So Inspiring gallery.


Your first picture


as did the rapidly changing and growing people.)


just went back like 2000 pictures!


Can't believe I managed to scroll all the wah down here!!


Took a lot of dedication to get here.. major stalk lol that took a while


I reached the end of the Internet...yeaaahhhh.

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