His ears are out of control!

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05.01.2014, в 11:41
@miles_shiba have you considered a go pro camera? I might be getting one. I have a nikon d3100 I got it from my parents back in sep or oct before that my pics wete with a motorola m it had a really good camera
05.01.2014, в 10:11
Big big ears! 🐶💖 so cute!
05.01.2014, в 08:37
@professor_pouncey Roscoe is so darn cute. 💞🐶❤️💖💜
05.01.2014, в 08:34
There are so many choices! I am definitely consulting with you when I am ready to buy a camera. Hopefully that will be once the strollers and stuff are sorted out. 😂
05.01.2014, в 08:26
@miles_shiba You've been following me long enough to remember when I got my new camera. My old one (SX110) took great pictures and is way outdated the newer version the SX160 is way better and $105 shipped on Amazon and uses AA's. There's a newer SX170 but the big difference is no AA's and not worth the extra $30 to me.
05.01.2014, в 08:09
I know that DSLR depends heavily on what lens you get and they can be extremely pricy! I am afraid I will get a DSLR, get good with it, and then be stuck because I won't be able to afford a lens upgrade. I figure I'll focus on buying baby stuff for now (like a good hiking backpack/baby carrier thing) and meanwhile I will work on trying to get more creative photos with what I have. I don't want to become one of those people that just take pictures of their dog's face. I want to figure out how to take pictures from better angles (like you) and such first.
05.01.2014, в 08:00
@miles_shiba Need lots of baby pictures! I tell most to stay away from DSLR until they know how to use one and know what they need. Of course a DSLR and 18-55mm lens would be perfect for babies :) not so much for Miles
05.01.2014, в 07:55
I had a pocket camera. It was a Canon PowerShot but it was about 5 years old. I actually found that my phone took consistently better pictures though. I was looking into beginner DSLR's mainly the Nikon D3200. Now I'm looking into baby strollers and dressers that match cribs though. I think the camera will just have to wait for now
05.01.2014, в 07:50
@miles_shiba I think starting out I'd get something pocketable and full manual controls. Around $200 you can get something very impressive if you end up looking let me know I love to research
05.01.2014, в 07:46
I looked up your camera on google a while ago when I was doing some camera research. It has super impressive zoom indeed! One of theses days I will get myself a real camera. 😁
05.01.2014, в 07:39
@miles_shiba Roscoe was close on this I was throwing a toy straight up in the air.
05.01.2014, в 07:38
@miles_shiba Haha I have a huge zoom my lens goes wide to 24-1200mm I like catching action from a distance its more candid.
05.01.2014, в 07:31
It's hard to get Miles action shots because he just runs around and doesn't stay near enough unless he's on a leash
05.01.2014, в 07:27
@miles_shiba I need a new model ;)
05.01.2014, в 07:23
I should hire you to take pictures of Miles
05.01.2014, в 06:41
Your beagle became a corgi :)
05.01.2014, в 06:36
@karenjune501 Their only out for short periods and let me know if they get cold.
05.01.2014, в 06:19
@the_trin Pouncey never liked toys or stuff from stores, believe me I bought him everything. Happy House Cats is a wonderful place, the products are well made and care is given. They're out of the UK so shipping to the US is a bit slow but reasonably priced. I have some stuff from them and Louise the owner made Pouncey's custom jacket.
05.01.2014, в 06:08
Aww! So funny...and freaky
05.01.2014, в 06:01
What websites do u recommend for decent priced cat stuff other than Pet co or petsmart ?
05.01.2014, в 05:52
Aww love those ears!
05.01.2014, в 05:52
Bless...is it too cold for him to be out?!!🙀😽❤️💋
05.01.2014, в 05:48
🐶😊 @sarruh07
05.01.2014, в 05:47
05.01.2014, в 05:33
:) @danielcharles99
05.01.2014, в 05:33
I don't lol I hate u @danielcharles99
05.01.2014, в 05:32
Roscoe and his ears!!😘😂😂
05.01.2014, в 05:32
Good. @danielcharles99
05.01.2014, в 05:31
Mischievous @danielcharles99
05.01.2014, в 05:30
Majestic @danielcharles99
05.01.2014, в 05:28
Omg so cute!<3
05.01.2014, в 05:08
Houndy ears are the best
05.01.2014, в 05:08
So cute!! So much fun!!
05.01.2014, в 05:07
It's batdog!
05.01.2014, в 05:03
I love his face!
05.01.2014, в 05:00
This is adorable!
05.01.2014, в 04:58
Aww XD
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