Рики Лейк — Американская актриса и телеведущая

Рики Лейк
Американская актриса и телеведущая
Me and women I love! @abbyepstein @mybestbirth

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22.11.2013, в 10:28
I just found "More Business of Being Born" on Netflix and nearly squealed with delight. I so enjoyed "The Business of Being Born", have read of all Ina May's books and had the most beautiful natural birth in a hospital with an amazing midwife last year. I would be completely star struck if I met Ina May as well. Definitely on my bucket list. Thank you for all you do.
16.02.2013, в 23:46
I love you!! Thank you so much for making BOBB & More BOBB!!! I wish there was even more!!!!!!! Can't wait to become a #doula & thank you for normalizing natural & home births!! @rickilake
20.07.2012, в 18:35
Your number one fan! Just saw the promo for return of your show this year. So excited. Sat in your studio 10 years ago. Looking forward to the return. Please talk about birth and midwives and doulas. Xxx
23.05.2012, в 00:51
Had an amazing VBAC after seeing your video and reading the book! I cant thank you enough!! Follow me to see pics, we had a photographer at our birth too! You have no doubt changed so many lives with your work! Peace and love!!
11.02.2012, в 06:59
The woman who wrote the book that gives me my inner strength to face my labor and births. 4 children, 3 home births, 1 water birth... Thank you #InaMayGaskin! Thank you @rickilake for putting the spotlight on homebirth.
04.11.2011, в 06:05
@rickilake just finished The Business of Being Born. Very eye opening and I can't wait to have my husband watch! It definitely changed my view on many aspects of birthing. I'm just glad I saw it before I start having children! Thanks! ☺
02.10.2011, в 10:26
Ina. My hero.
10.08.2011, в 08:25
Ina May!!
02.08.2011, в 22:25
Oh ricki you're so pretti
01.08.2011, в 05:03
Would love to meet miss ina may!! We had a homebirth with our second child. Your Business of Being born film was a HUGE help in having my husbands support! Much love!
26.07.2011, в 07:52
With your midwife advocacy and I've adored you since Cry Baby lol. Thanx for all you've done for us gals 
26.07.2011, в 07:51
Hey Ricki! I gotta say, you inspired me
24.07.2011, в 03:57
24.07.2011, в 03:32
Great pic!
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