Николь Элизабет «Снуки» Полицци — Американская актриса и телевизионная персона

Николь Элизабет «Снуки» Полицци
Американская актриса и телевизионная персона
Thank you Joovy for my daughters high chair! We are loving the nook!!! #mybiggirl

Комментарии 60

21.05.2015, в 03:23
Daughter? Are you pregnant ?
26.04.2015, в 02:59
Have this in orange hate it
22.04.2015, в 01:30
@snookinic I mean chair ** lol
22.04.2015, в 01:30
@snookinic seriously tho we have the same high school ! 😂😂
18.04.2015, в 00:06
I sell kawaii inexpensive boho pastel jewelry 💕🌛🔮 18% off everything!
17.04.2015, в 17:54
Lmaooo im watching.ur old show and.ur talkin about havin.kids and ur like im gonna.have a c section cus.i.dont want.it to fuck up my vagina.hahahahhha
17.04.2015, в 10:15
best high chair ever
16.04.2015, в 21:32
That's what I bought😉💋
16.04.2015, в 20:10
The rich people don't know you how they gone help you.you guys sound like a baby crying.not every one can be rich.like snooki.that's why you get your education first..get your pioritties right. Y'all know y'all broke why you having kids,you think people gone bend back for y'all not in the real world...you get your own....y'all always looking someone to blame. Ya sound really petty.snooki work her ass off to get were she got an been though a lot of crap.y'all just envy that's real.when you have sex were a dam condum..until you know you can offard A child. Jesus that's why she stop posting her kids cause y'all envious bitches keep hating...like dammm yooo get a life a job stop hating bitches
16.04.2015, в 16:39
I wish I was rich so that I could get free stuff 😒. I'm feeling jealous. 😉
16.04.2015, в 14:50
The best chair :)
16.04.2015, в 14:28
Love this high chair
16.04.2015, в 11:47
Just a warning...kinda hard to fully clean this chair. We had that exact chair for my first son. We ended up throwing it away cause it got nasty after awhile, even though I cleaned it all the time
16.04.2015, в 08:56
Y are some of yall being disrespectful on a photo she posted smh RUDE
16.04.2015, в 08:39
Lol you all ARE ignorant. Damn. I'm a single mother. With a 4 month old. I'm doing what I have to but let me just say EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT !!! So while some may have the ability to "bend over backwards" while pregnant, others may not. Mind you carrying twins is a totally different playing field. My 19 year old friend has twins. You carry shorter. Bigger. I can go on if it would please all of you ignorant human beings. For everyone saying "if you can't feed, don't breed." Get your head out of your ass and listen up. 1. I wasn't aware that EVERY single parent on Earth PLANNED to have a kid! Oh my! Guess we really don't need sex ed in HS or special programs for UNPLANNED pregnancies. News flash most of you are either a. A result of birth control failure b. A broken or improperly put on condom or c. Your dad's 'pull out game' sucks. Or other events that prevent women from planning on having a baby. Not every parent planned on being a parent. Hate to burst your idiotic bubble. 2. If you've ever had to consider giving a baby up because you know you aren't financially stable, you'd know it's the hardest decision of your life. 3. Seeing as caring for ONE baby is difficult, twins are harder. Oh! Also, for everyone planning on playing the abortion card. Sorry, not that simple for some people, but if you can make such heartless comments as "if you can't feed don't breed" I doubt your closed - minded selfs even know it's a difficult decision for some. Good day. 👍💕
16.04.2015, в 07:49
Nice high chair. But what I really want to say & sorry Snooki that I'm saying it on your page - is damn people why can't anyone spell anymore? Unbelievable.
16.04.2015, в 07:26
Her showing this highchair is an endorsement thing, nothing more nothing less. This is what celebrities do, they make money the company of the product makes money and all are happy ( except of course those instagram trolls)
16.04.2015, в 06:34
It doesn't have wheels
16.04.2015, в 06:07
Good for you.
16.04.2015, в 05:50
@snookinic love your bar stools, I've been looking for the exact same ones. Where did you get them??
16.04.2015, в 04:18
I have that it rocks!!! Love it😍
16.04.2015, в 03:53
@snookinic I love your bar stools! Where did you get them? I'm looking for a few just like that!!
16.04.2015, в 03:31
Snooki check out my website www.puckermeup.net! Pick out a lipstick color and I will send you one! I just started this brand new company and we offer sets that combine earrings, lipstick and Argan oil. What's not to love!!!! We are always looking for new reps. Great lipstick and gloss line!
16.04.2015, в 03:15
@snookinic we ❤️ that you're a Joovy mom 👍🏼
16.04.2015, в 03:14
Oh my goodness. You guys. It was a gift. 😂😏calm le fuk deown.
16.04.2015, в 03:08
Snooki- thank you for checking out my sight at lindseylovesjammin.jamberrynails.net I would love to see them on you! :)
16.04.2015, в 03:00
I love joovy products!
16.04.2015, в 02:31
The reason is she will post it talk about it n recommend it and because she's somewhat famous people will buy it to say oooo I have the same high chair as Snooki who cares enjoy it Nicole!
16.04.2015, в 02:29
Everybody needs help sometimes in their life that doesn't define anything about them! So maybe you should worry about your own life and stop worrying about how people raise their kids 👌😆
16.04.2015, в 02:29
Wish we could see her 😔😔😔
16.04.2015, в 01:56
Damn.. Can't people just be happy for people?? I'm not rich by any means. Babies are expensive no matter who you are!! Good for @snookinic 😘
16.04.2015, в 01:55
Love it Snookie
16.04.2015, в 01:50
Yall all she is doing is posting stuff on here ok.. If yall don't like what she has to say... Then get off of her page... Enough said @snookinic
16.04.2015, в 01:49
I really hope none of you giving these negative comments are teenagers with no kids.
16.04.2015, в 01:48
Who said other people take care of my kids?
16.04.2015, в 01:48
You should not open your mouth and less you know the person you're talking to. I'll famous people get free stuff and don't need it that's the point.
16.04.2015, в 01:47
Let me set you all straight real quick. I do have a degree I am a paralegal my husband and I work our asses off to support our four kids and ourselves. Nobody asked any of you for your negative input.
16.04.2015, в 01:42
I have one similar the this one 👍🏼 we got it as a gift and it's so cool!! Ppl said it was the Cadi of high chairs lol nice!! @snookinic
16.04.2015, в 01:41
Pls follow @snookinic 😁😁
16.04.2015, в 01:18
Don't get me wrong we love you, it's just irritating.
16.04.2015, в 01:18
It's funny that I have twins that are 8 months old who need high chairs but we are to poor to buy them one and you get this stuff for free when you can afford to buy your own stuff.
16.04.2015, в 01:12
I want one too
16.04.2015, в 01:09
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16.04.2015, в 01:07
We have that chair. It's the best. It's so easy to travel with to.
16.04.2015, в 01:07
I want one
16.04.2015, в 01:06
I like it
16.04.2015, в 01:05
I love that high chair. I wish I had another baby so I could get one
16.04.2015, в 00:52
Cool high chair, too bad it doesn't have wheels though!
16.04.2015, в 00:47
We have the same high chair, love it.
16.04.2015, в 00:44
My daughter only drinks the joovy boob glass bottle.
16.04.2015, в 00:37
I liked that highchair it was on my registry!
16.04.2015, в 00:35
Joovy is a great brand
16.04.2015, в 00:30
Check out my account
16.04.2015, в 00:29
Such stupid ignorant people this is why she won't post about her kids! Seriously who cares if she got it for free or not celebs get em all the time!!! Just get over and accept that we are middle class and work hard for ur shit! And don't complain about things that just aren't a necessity to complain about I fear for America and how stupid they are over internet and petty situations on instagram get a life stop being insecure
16.04.2015, в 00:25
What did u do w Lorenzo's high chair? We bought my almost 3 year old a booster & put the baby in the high chair
16.04.2015, в 00:22
I have one in green!
16.04.2015, в 00:22
Have that high chair so easy to clean
16.04.2015, в 00:22
This high chair is awesome!!
16.04.2015, в 00:21
Wow...all that over a highchair...lol
16.04.2015, в 00:20
Looks cool def for the next!
16.04.2015, в 00:19
These chairs good? Looking to buy one soon
16.04.2015, в 00:19
The reason celebrities get free stuff is all because its free marketing. Dont you guys get it?? What do they do? Post pics of their freebies!
16.04.2015, в 00:17
Well that escalated quickly.
16.04.2015, в 00:17
Maybe she paid for it and loves it and is simply saying thanks for sending it to me... What do u people care? And if it was free bonus! She just gave them interested customers. Petty people!
16.04.2015, в 00:17
Why do you all care so much about what she gets or doesnt? Smh. Let it beeeeee. & for those of you commenting back, quit your bitching.
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