София Буш — Американская актриса, звезда сериала "Холм одного дерева"

София Буш
Американская актриса, звезда сериала "Холм одного дерева"
My #wcw today goes out to all the ladies who've ever felt afraid, or threatened, and to all of you who are survivors. Did you know that every day in the United States there are 804 incidents of sexual assault? Well April is National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month, and I'm proud to see so many women, and men, taking a stand. Last year I dealt with months of terrifying threats on my life from a stalker, and one of the law enforcement officers I met with gave me some Sabre tools. He said, "listen, you shouldn't HAVE to carry these, but until you feel safe enough not to, I want you to feel confident." This month @sabresafety announced their partnership with @RAINN01, the world’s largest anti-sexual assault organization, to raise awareness about sexual assault. They are sharing survivor’s stories and empowering people to take control of their personal safety. A % of proceeds from the red alarm are being donated to RAINN, and for the whole month of April, donations made directly to RAINN with be MATCHED by donors! Now THAT gives me confidence that eventually we won't have to feel afraid anymore. Thank you #Sabre for taking a stand with us - #SurvivorStories #SAAPM #RAINN

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17.12.2015, в 10:38
Brooke Davis marry me?
23.10.2015, в 09:01
I know she may not read this but this is my favorite picture of Ms. Sophia
07.08.2015, в 05:00
This happened on one tree hill
10.07.2015, в 16:58
My dream is to just hang out with you for one day😂
09.07.2015, в 02:15
Your brooke davis from one tree hill i loved that show
08.07.2015, в 14:51
And yes btw I'm totally instastalking 🙈
08.07.2015, в 14:51
Can I be you?
27.06.2015, в 21:58
I love you soooooo much you are my inspiration❤️❤️ @sophiabush also you are beautiful😍😍
16.06.2015, в 19:12
Your sooooo beautiful
14.06.2015, в 07:21
You're the coolest person alive
13.06.2015, в 15:56
@sophiabush did you know that native and indeginous woman are 2.5 times more likely to be sexually assaulted or raped than any other woman in America. Natives need our help spreading awareness and changing this catastrophe statistic.
13.06.2015, в 07:48
@sophiabush it isn't something to joke with by any means, something I try to promote everywhere I go.
07.06.2015, в 18:13
I 💖💖💖 you Sophiaaaa @sophiabush
21.05.2015, в 04:48
Bet it was psycho derrick jk but ugh that guy gives me the creeps
21.05.2015, в 04:47
18.05.2015, в 23:25
you are the MOST beautiful person I know inside and out, and I absolutely LOVE every single one of the shows you are in... and mostly because you are in them!!!
14.05.2015, в 20:44
I love you and I'm so proud!!
12.05.2015, в 08:41
she such a amazing woman 💖
10.05.2015, в 02:41
You truly inspire me
08.05.2015, в 18:15
Amazing. Will get this, must have for young girls these days. @sophiabush
07.05.2015, в 23:56
You are such a awesome person miss bush and I wish I could get the honor to just even take you out to get a drink or some coffee. You are so beautiful and charming and such a sweetheart 😍😍
07.05.2015, в 06:08
You're so beautiful!! My role model!
05.05.2015, в 19:25
i love you so much it hurts
05.05.2015, в 09:59
Lindaaaa, te amo!
04.05.2015, в 22:41
Tu es vraiment parfaite au naturelle ❤️❤️❤️
04.05.2015, в 08:13
So perfect :3
04.05.2015, в 04:50
I love you and your my favorite person on "one tree hill" just saying i can't stop watching one tree hill
03.05.2015, в 09:26
I love you btw that raspy voice is very very hot
02.05.2015, в 19:35
Your so pretty
02.05.2015, в 01:22
thank you so much. this is so inspirational. I've gone through it & so have so many others. I'm so grateful that there are some celebs like you that actually care!! you're literally my favorite actress
30.04.2015, в 20:44
You probably wont respond but the fact that you can see this is alright with me. Just wanted to say I absolutely loved you on OTH you were my favorite character and youre an amazing actress and Its great to see how far youve come since that show! @sophiabush
30.04.2015, в 05:25
You are such an inspiration to me. I love you on OTH. Your my favorite character but not even that. When i found you on IG I. Instantly followed you and you are such an inspiration to young kids and young adults. And thanks for being so strong and brave which I'm positive when people read this or when they see this they'll feel exactly the same way as I do. Love you ❤️😂👌 @sophiabush
30.04.2015, в 01:58
You are a beautiful soul Miss Sophia Bush ❤️ @sophiabush
28.04.2015, в 17:03
Beautiful eye shot @sophiabush
27.04.2015, в 14:14
I have to meet you😩
26.04.2015, в 22:12
@sophiabush do you think you come at the convention in montréal ? I wish because i love you , you are my idole:)))) xxxxxxx
22.04.2015, в 07:43
You are literally so perfect, beautiful soul! I'm currently watching tree hill AGAIN you are my fave keep being a inspiration❤️ @sophiabush @sophiabush
22.04.2015, в 06:08
Your my role model @sophiabush
21.04.2015, в 17:49
Thank you for being strong. You make all of us feel the same :)
21.04.2015, в 03:17
You are so kind
19.04.2015, в 10:25
You have beautiful eyes
18.04.2015, в 09:02
Sophia is very pretty...
18.04.2015, в 08:31
She writes well too!
18.04.2015, в 00:33
@sophiabush please please PLEASE tell me you are going to be at the convention in August. you are such an inspiration to me and everyone else going. I LOVE YOU!
16.04.2015, в 13:49
Who does your eyebrows? They're really well done ;)
16.04.2015, в 13:31
You and this cause have all my sopport❤
16.04.2015, в 12:31
Love uu!! Hope everything is okey now❤️
16.04.2015, в 11:14
You are amazing. So proud of you and all the girls out there. <3
16.04.2015, в 11:12
16.04.2015, в 11:11
16.04.2015, в 11:03
Those statistics are so scary...
16.04.2015, в 10:44
@sophiabush you're my model !!! You're beautiful, a amazing woman, talented and very strong !!! Thanks you for being you !!!
16.04.2015, в 10:33
You're my wcw
16.04.2015, в 10:32
My dear Sophia, I'm inspired so much from you day after day. You're such a strong, kind, beautiful, down to earth, amazing Woman, a real model of life, a real teaching of life. I wish you the best, and hoping you're fine. Greetings from Italy! 🇮🇹💖
16.04.2015, в 10:30
I am sooo in luv w/ you soph 😍😍😍😍
16.04.2015, в 10:30
I remember that happening last year. So sick some people can be. Glad you're okay.
16.04.2015, в 10:26
Your amazing @sophiabush thank you for talking about this xxx
16.04.2015, в 10:03
Every time that I advocate to prevent sexual assault and rape and to tell people that it's an issue I use the stats from RAINN. I once had someone argue with me that rape is not something to be afraid of, that it's not rational because the percentage is so small. But in reality, any percentage is a percentage too much. The acts should be eliminated completely. It's unfortunate that people think that assault is not an issue. Thank you for promoting the truth, that it is an issue and that people should fight against it and try to help the victims who had to experience this trauma. I'm sorry that you have to deal with a stalker who threatens you and you have every right to feel safe wherever you go. Thank you for fighting for something very important and very big that matters and exists in all places everywhere.
16.04.2015, в 09:28
👍👍👍👍 good luck with that ...and don't be sad its hard life you must face it
16.04.2015, в 09:16
@sophiabush I am so grateful to people like you and Mariska for taking a stand, saying No More, and trying to help the survivors. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to share my story, maybe someday I won't be afraid anymore.
16.04.2015, в 09:08
I love the way you use your celeb-status to reach out and spread important, powerful messages! ❤️
16.04.2015, в 09:07
You know sometimes it's totally cool to just post one of those pictures of the cat hanging from the toilet paper that says "hang in there baby". Don't feel the need to crack off of the Gettysburg address every time
16.04.2015, в 08:54
I needed this post today
16.04.2015, в 08:51
I'm lucky I've never been assaulted but I've often been afraid. When you simply go home in the dark winters or when you leave a party by yourself, and even with friends. it shouldn't be that way. Thank you so much for this post, you have no idea how grateful I am that you're taking a stand on causes like this one. It matters so so much merci Sophia! Also I'm giving a presentation about PoP in Spanish class today, wish me luck ;) 😘
16.04.2015, в 08:46
Not only in the United States but it all happens all over the world @sophiabush
16.04.2015, в 08:41
It's amazing to see someone use their platform for such good causes. @sophiabush is genuinely an incredible person who hasn't let fame get to her. Her posts are always about the well being of people and the world. Love her!!
16.04.2015, в 08:37
Thank you for recognizing the difference one individual can make. It's inspiring how you educate your followers and always post on topics that actually matter. You're change lives for the better. It's refreshing and others in the hollywood should take note. 👏🏼
16.04.2015, в 08:34
It took me so long to figure out why u tagged me hahahaha, that freakin alarm 😂😂😂
16.04.2015, в 08:10
Thank you for supporting survivors and for using your platform to bring attention to such a prominent issue. It never gets easier hearing about frequent sexual assaults but it's so heartening to have people speak up and not accept this as normal!
16.04.2015, в 07:56
Thank you from a survivor of rape and assault.
16.04.2015, в 07:54
This is amazing
16.04.2015, в 07:25
Sophia, I just want to say thank you for bringing such awareness to very important issues. I am an advocate at my local rape crisis center and see these survivors' stories everyday. It truly is a daily battle to not only provide and protect the rights of these survivors, but to make the community aware of this very real issue. I live in Alaska and we are 2.5x the national average and 4x the national average in child sexual abuse. I testified to put state senate yesterday on passing Erin's law here and know it is just the 1st step in trying to end this. Once again thank you so much in all that you do.
16.04.2015, в 07:20
I have to say one of the best picture I have seen
16.04.2015, в 07:13
You are literally my hero! I love your show and you as a person. You aren't one of the fake actresses that don't care about their fans! I admire you so much and your character for being a strong, independent woman. You go girl! :) I hope I can be like you one day! @sophiabush
16.04.2015, в 07:08
You are truly beautiful and such a strong, empowering woman. Such an inspiration!👭✌💖
16.04.2015, в 07:08
I love you ❤️❤️❤️
16.04.2015, в 07:06
There's no way to love you more Sophia! This is beautiful & brought tears to my eyes! So inspired by you on a daily basis!!!
16.04.2015, в 07:03
love love love Sophia. so inspiring and empowering❤️
16.04.2015, в 06:53
Thanks for the post! I just purchased three alarms for my mom, sister and myself along with pepper spray!
16.04.2015, в 06:53
Wish I had some of that when my x was beating me up
16.04.2015, в 06:48
@sophiabush this means so much. Thank you for sharing and for raising awareness to such an important issue.
16.04.2015, в 06:47
When are you gonna be a mom
16.04.2015, в 06:40
Thank you so much for bringing awareness. So many women are affected, and I didn't realize it until it happened to my best friend. She's been working through the aftermath. I just want to see her be the happy-go-lucky beautiful person we all love. She saw your post and is so grateful for it. We have looked up to you as a role model for years, so I would just like to thank you for standing up for the people who need it most. You truly make a difference in people's lives.
16.04.2015, в 06:37
You re perfect @sophiabush
16.04.2015, в 06:29
I love you
16.04.2015, в 06:21
Amazing- just like you! ❤️ @sophiabush
16.04.2015, в 06:16
goodnight soph. love you 💗
16.04.2015, в 06:11
You're beautiful and such an inspiration!!!
16.04.2015, в 06:11
I love you sophiaaaaaa
16.04.2015, в 06:11
This is why your my life 😋😋❤️
16.04.2015, в 06:10
This was great info thanks...
16.04.2015, в 06:09
Just re watched season 1 of one tree hill best show omfg👍👌
16.04.2015, в 06:09
Love you Brooke😍😍😍💚💛💙
16.04.2015, в 06:06
And gorgeous photo btw 🌟❤️
16.04.2015, в 06:06
Awww you hAve a great of gold! I'm with you every step of the way!!! ❤️
16.04.2015, в 05:53
Awesome story-- love how you champion for things that you are so passionate about!
16.04.2015, в 05:53
Omg you are so amazing and I heart you!!! ❤️🙌🏼
16.04.2015, в 05:53
This is why I love you.
16.04.2015, в 05:52
Thank you for sharing this. You are a beautiful person inside and out
16.04.2015, в 05:50
You're beautiful love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
16.04.2015, в 05:47
@sophiabush you are a great inspiration! We hold RAINN week at our university and would love if you could/want to speak!
16.04.2015, в 05:46
I would let sophia pepper spray me and put it on YouTube
16.04.2015, в 05:43
@sophiabush you are truly an inspiring person. I look up to you very highly and have for years. I have a lot of respect for you and what you do. Thank you love! 😉
16.04.2015, в 05:42
So much love. You have such a big heart @sophiabush and I admire that about you. You are beyond amazing!
16.04.2015, в 05:41
u are so amazing❤️u are one of my role models. U are so genuine and this is so amazing!! u are such an amazing hero😘😘😘
16.04.2015, в 05:40
I love you, my inspiration ❤️
16.04.2015, в 05:38
I love you so much
16.04.2015, в 05:38
ughh I love you
16.04.2015, в 05:33
I love you
16.04.2015, в 05:30
Keep spreading knowledge and inspiration, Sophia. Your words touch so many - myself and my 12 year old daughter included. You are brave and strong and we admire that greatly. Kudos to you.
16.04.2015, в 05:13
This is why I idolize you!
16.04.2015, в 05:12
your so perfect.❤️😍
16.04.2015, в 05:10
You're the inspiration
16.04.2015, в 05:07
Thanks for sharing. Just bought mine for safety and to donate to the cause!
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