Сьюзан Сомерс — Американская актриса, писательница, певица

Сьюзан Сомерс
Американская актриса, писательница, певица
It is terribly sad to hear of the passing of Jackie Collins. She was part of a group of people who attend the same parties, most often at Arnold and Anne Kopelson's beautiful home in Beverly Hills. Inevitably when I arrived I would seek out Jackie because she was so fun. She was always dripping in diamonds and emeralds, her treat to herself from best seller after best seller, and she wore them with great style and flair. Generous to a fault, when my home burned down along with all my belongings and jewelry she gave me one of her beautiful necklaces. What woman does that? I starred in two Jackie Collins movies; "Yesterday's Hero's," which we filmed in London and then "Hollywood Wives" where Jackie had me in bed most of the movie with Anthony Hopkins. We joked about that forever. She was a great mother, a great wife to Oscar, a super nice guy who passed from cancer. Jackie chose to carry on, never feeling sorry for herself yet those who knew her were aware it was a devastating blow. She chose to die her way, not allowing conventional medicine to load her up with poison and as a result as little as three weeks ago I saw her and she looked beautiful and radiant. She was a bright light in Hollywood, loved by everyone, popular in every genre. I will miss her so much and forever. Today I hope she is cavorting in heaven with another great pal of ours, Merv Griffin. The two of them will have a ball together. My sincere sympathy and condolences to her children, family and her beloved sister Joan. RIP Dear Jackie. I love you dearly.

Комментарии 15

21.09.2015, в 07:18
Beautiful. Will miss her. Stay healthy Suzanne. ❤️🙏
21.09.2015, в 07:15
Love the picture!
21.09.2015, в 07:11
Beautiful words and so very sad. She will be missed. 💛
21.09.2015, в 07:01
So sad. May she R.I.P. 🙏. I love reading her books . Such style and Class . How sweet Suzanne that u have such beautiful memories of Jackie ! @suzannesomers
21.09.2015, в 06:58
Thank you for this.
21.09.2015, в 06:58
Beautiful Suzanne ... so very touching..... I loved reading Jackie's books.... How lucky you were to know her, God Bless 🙏🏻
21.09.2015, в 06:56
I'm so sad to hear this. What you wrote is beautiful @suzannesomers
21.09.2015, в 06:51
So generous! Great story!
21.09.2015, в 06:47
Oh Suzanne .... each day is becoming more and more precious
21.09.2015, в 06:47
What a heartfelt and warm tribute to your dear friend @suzannesomers you are always a class act✨💖✨
21.09.2015, в 06:45
The three of you are beautiful with beautiful hearts. You wrote with love, Suzanne.
21.09.2015, в 06:45
Two positive lovely role models! Not at all a surprise you were friends! I have read both of your books, nothing alike but they provide so much individually@suzannesomers
21.09.2015, в 06:40
Thank you for sharing💕💛💖
21.09.2015, в 06:39
A lovely a tribute!
21.09.2015, в 06:35
Beautifully said @suzannesomers
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