Нэнси Грэйс — Американская телеведущая, журналистка, политический комментатор

Нэнси Грэйс
Американская телеведущая, журналистка, политический комментатор
Tonight at 8PM: After famed #NASCAR driver Tony Stewart kills 20-year-old Kevin Ward Jr. on a small racetrack with stunned fans left watching the horrifying scene, we now learn that a grand jury is set to meet to decide whether the NASCAR driver will be charged with a crime! What do you think—will a jury find the killing to be just a tragic accident, or will Tony Stewart be charged? (photo and content courtesy of HLN)

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14.01.2015, в 23:37
Nancy why not report on yourself for being the person that was solely responsible for a women's suicide? That's news. Remember how cute it was too call her vodka mom then she set herself on fire the day after you blasted her on you're show....that needs some justice don't you think???
20.09.2014, в 04:48
If he kept his hot headed butt in the car we would not have this conversation, Tony Stewart did not intentionally kill this kid
19.09.2014, в 10:54
Not guilty .. he should never step out of the car .. and tony had no time to stop
18.09.2014, в 11:10
He always aggravates the other drivers Always! And im sorry this young man lost his life because he was so angry. ...not seeing the danger of this man....they keep letting him do things he really shouldn't be doing!!! ALWAYS causeing drama! Well this time he definitely found it....Shame....he should have been outa the leauge a long time ago ......Now someone has passed because of his Beautiful team attitude! Sad
18.09.2014, в 07:29
The idiot should have never gotten out of his car and been on the track.
18.09.2014, в 04:35
He should have been lower on the track, on the apron. He knew he'd hit Ward. He knew the caution flag was out. He knows this is going to be a problem. I think the GJ will let a jury decide.
18.09.2014, в 04:08
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