Тимоти Сайкс — Миллионер, один из самых успешных молодых трейдеров в мире

Тимоти Сайкс
Миллионер, один из самых успешных молодых трейдеров в мире

Комментарии 13

09.01.2015, в 02:51
dat thing looks like a vagina
09.12.2014, в 00:15
I want that
06.12.2014, в 18:31
Hey I'm 15 and I'm not interested in your Porsche I'm interested in learning your technique ... Sure you could give me a free sports car , but the knowledge on how to make my self successful is of far more value ... So please mr.Sykes may you teach me how to become successful I know I'm young but I'm willing to work and learn for my success in this life. I need this opportunity in my life and again I'd really appreciate if you respond
01.12.2014, в 21:48
Winning the Porsche would be one of the highlights of my life thus far @timothysykes
30.11.2014, в 16:35
It would be amazing if I won this car. Having a car that always has a problem with it gets really old and I would love to have a brand new car! Please consider me man!
30.11.2014, в 16:20
@timothysykes It's not Over till I win
30.11.2014, в 11:43
Yum scrum pigs bum!!
30.11.2014, в 10:55
I want it @timothysykes
30.11.2014, в 09:59
Your my idol
30.11.2014, в 09:25
Really want the Porsche bad. I really do. So so so bad please can I have it?!
30.11.2014, в 05:33
4. My mom recently died and funeral costs have left me on my hands and knees. The car would really help
30.11.2014, в 05:18
@timothysykes Hey Tim. I'll be totally honest with you. A couple days ago I was talking to Tyler, one of your workers about joining the millionaire challenge. If you gave me your car I would sell it. With the money I would be able to pay for the millionaire course. Then from all the money we would make together I would go and buy myself a nicer lambo than yours;). If things went good and I did better than Mr. Grittani, maybe I would buy you a brand new lambo for all your help! I'm being 💯% honest with you! Let's take a long nice walk to the bank. No homo💵😂
05.02.2013, в 10:30
Mr. Sykes, I would really love to be one of your millionaire traders! Ill do anything!
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