Hey, NYC! Who's joining us tonight at our #VSDreamAngels event -- SoHo VS, 6-8PM?

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06.07.2013, в 04:18
Okay! Yay! @_itsperfection_
05.07.2013, в 22:17
We may get that pink one? @_bayyliedalee
10.05.2013, в 17:08
Voglio venire! 😭
04.03.2013, в 21:47
I want to f them
15.01.2013, в 06:33
Sorry @luvurself_livlife_laughforever
15.01.2013, в 06:32
@lionruffing_22 @hoffmanisawesome Alex is way prettier
15.01.2013, в 06:32
@luvurself_livlife_laughforever I MEANT @lionruffing_22 I'm sorry
15.01.2013, в 06:32
15.01.2013, в 06:32
Alex is way more Beauty @luvurself_livlife_laughforever @hoffmanisawesome
15.01.2013, в 06:31
15.01.2013, в 02:23
So hot!!!!!!!!!!!
16.12.2012, в 08:20
I love Erin💖 I finally have a reason to think my freckles are not hideous💕
14.12.2012, в 12:43
Erin <3 <3 <3
27.11.2012, в 19:01
Lame. Sick of the blondes. Its a bit trite, don't you think? Mix it up. Your demographic is changing because this ^^^ is all we see...
21.11.2012, в 01:49
I am
09.11.2012, в 02:34
@ikilledsome1 onlee wen u lyke stop bein jealous! Smh and accept TRU beautie.
09.11.2012, в 02:26
@la_za_rus your like crazy && gtfo
09.11.2012, в 02:16
@ikilledsome1 waiting for the suburban minions to sink their claws into me...
09.11.2012, в 02:13
Painted potato saw masks are VOGUE ITALIA. @ikilledsome1
09.11.2012, в 02:07
Erin Heatherton looks like a meth hick @la_za_rus
09.11.2012, в 02:06
Painted potatoes are IN this season @la_za_rus
09.11.2012, в 02:06
She's just BASIC OK??? @la_za_rus High fashion is all about potatoes & boxjaws!! Ever heard of Candy Swanny???
09.11.2012, в 02:03
@ikilledsome1 HAHAAH. Truly! She needs to get more work so she won't have to stoop this low.
09.11.2012, в 01:56
Karl Lagerfeld's muse is unknown! She has never been on Vogue! Nope! Never!
09.11.2012, в 01:56
Cheapening Toni one shitty photo shoot after another!! @la_za_rus
09.11.2012, в 01:55
@ikilledsome1 ........
06.10.2012, в 06:43
They need Asian faces! Where's chanel?
06.10.2012, в 06:40
Enough with blondeeeezzzz
31.08.2012, в 16:38
pretty, but I want Adriana :(
27.08.2012, в 23:25
Why blondes?!why?
08.08.2012, в 23:57
Who are these average looking broads? Where's Adriana? Where's Gisele? Where??  @victoriassecret
11.07.2012, в 11:06
These beautiful girls look like sisters!
24.06.2012, в 18:19
Haha thanks @karina__star
24.06.2012, в 18:18
@sheeka @_music_is_me_ @alex_phillips91 Exactly. 😒
24.06.2012, в 08:59
@karina__star I know... All their models are blonde :/
23.05.2012, в 02:52
Need more exotic girls! So boring like every other model! Wheres Chanel
11.05.2012, в 10:52
Nice, but where's the diversity? 😒
10.05.2012, в 18:55
Follow back anyone that follows me in the next hour.
10.05.2012, в 00:45
Omg I wanna meet them so much. When I get older I wanna b a vs model soooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07.05.2012, в 18:38
Please please please come to swedeeeen!!!
07.05.2012, в 18:37
07.05.2012, в 18:37
Cooomeeee tooo sweeeedeeeen!
25.04.2012, в 19:42
Lindsay is so pretty
19.04.2012, в 19:56
Siguen los ángeles
19.04.2012, в 12:16
eriiinn !!! she is one of my fav. vs model :) she is just so natural
18.04.2012, в 20:57
@syeaa sangggaaaatt astaga
18.04.2012, в 17:24
@hannadaniela tgk bah darl. So hot
18.04.2012, в 07:37
VS thanks for bringing them to nyc i still cant believe i got to meet them and have a picture with them thank you sooo much it made my whole year!! 
18.04.2012, в 05:40
Y'all are gorgeous! Keep it up!
18.04.2012, в 03:31
Yes please! Haha 💙👉💚 follow me! :) I have Kik! Much love ❤❤❤
18.04.2012, в 03:30
I wishh I saw this a long time ago uchh
18.04.2012, в 02:54
is it gonna be on tv?
18.04.2012, в 01:12
I got to go there
18.04.2012, в 00:59
Y la morena donde quedo?!
18.04.2012, в 00:21
<3 Erin :)
18.04.2012, в 00:08
Erin is the prettiest!
17.04.2012, в 23:52
@meganellexo AMENNNNN
17.04.2012, в 23:24
Oooohhh my god!! I was waiting for this so much time
17.04.2012, в 23:24
Erin :))
17.04.2012, в 23:20
Pffft. Who'd wanna see them? And why are they all blonde? They're probably rookie models anyway, clearly nobody knows of them. Adriana, Alessandra & Miranda- REAL VS angels. & brunette 😉💁
17.04.2012, в 23:13
I love all their models, but it's time VS used more models of a different ethnicity.
17.04.2012, в 22:52
@youngthugger I'd totally attack that. They do look hungry but they look somewhat healthy...lol
17.04.2012, в 22:50
Love Erin but the new one Toni looks the same as Lindsay..... They need some new faces with different looks! That what VS has always been about ... -_-
17.04.2012, в 22:35
theyre all blonde
17.04.2012, в 22:29
Not impressed
17.04.2012, в 22:19
That's all u...them hoes look hungry too!! @bmrich21
17.04.2012, в 22:15
J'y vais! Aha
17.04.2012, в 21:24
Son muy flakitas
17.04.2012, в 21:15
They all look the same #changeitup
17.04.2012, в 21:13
Perfection !!
17.04.2012, в 21:10
@youngthugger This is what I like right here playboi. I like the one in the middle
17.04.2012, в 20:44
17.04.2012, в 20:34
Gorgeous girls! ❤
17.04.2012, в 20:34
@heystephanie09 @cheeeealsea 👏
17.04.2012, в 20:29
I am soo jealous!!! You guys are soo beautiful!!! 💜
17.04.2012, в 20:27
Your amazing @cheeeealsea !!!!❤❤
17.04.2012, в 20:17
I love that they're using the song Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran<3
17.04.2012, в 20:13
@michichu dfhjkjagjibgyjgx!!!!!
17.04.2012, в 20:09
You people are completely obnoxious Internet trolls who have nothing better to do than criticize other human beings for your own personal gain. Who gives a damn if these girls are "super skinny" or if they were "super fat"? If your parents didn't teach you to be happy in your own skin and be the best you that you can be, they missed a serious step in the parenting universe. Am I as fit as these girls? No, but I sure work my ass off to be happy with who I AM. Not obsess with who I want to be. Get a freaking clue then come back and hate on other people who are perfectly comfortable in their skin like these models who will do not give a rip about what you say about their looks and bodies while they strut around in nothing and roll around in piles of money at night. Get over it. Stop being so controlled and influenced by the media. Be YOU.
17.04.2012, в 19:59
Most ppl don't realize how hard it is to become and stay a vs model. You don't have to.be a certain weight or height... that is NOT a requirement. You DON'T have to have a certain look either. Most models that become vs models have been models forever, know the industry, and worked their asses off to look that way because they know that's how they get hired. If you have ever looked back in history at vs you would see their models have been different over the years. Whatever look is "hot" that fashion season, that's who they hire as models. Look at all the models that are so called "veterans" they look just fine, not super skinny or fat. Yes the modeling world has very high standards for their models, but not every single agency conforms to that standard. Vs is known for this look now, but when something else is "in" they will change.
17.04.2012, в 19:58
I wanna be a victoria's secret model *-*
17.04.2012, в 19:57
@makeupsickness I hope u get to know anorexy better someday...
17.04.2012, в 19:57
How about all of you have some respect and quit criticizing a bunch of girls you don't even know? The things you say about others speak VOLUMES about the type of individual you are. The reason there's so much pressure on women today is because of people like every one of you - "too skinny" is just as hurtful as "too fat" or "too ugly". How about you this: all women are beautiful. YOU guys are the people who are promoting such a hate on women. Have some respect.
17.04.2012, в 19:56
@nicoleburron agree!! Thank u
17.04.2012, в 19:53
@audreapl I'm very intelligent, have a lot of culture and I do was anorexic once, so what? It's a disease, and I got over it, now I am thin because I know it's for my Heath, sorry but u won't live too long eating french fries honey 😊
17.04.2012, в 19:51
Lol you are absolutely right. Why am I even getting into this 😊 I will still enjoy the lingerie regardless ... I would just be more prone to purchasing if it was modeled by someone I can relate to. Cheers and have a good day y'all.
17.04.2012, в 19:49
But I was judging vs diversity.
17.04.2012, в 19:48
And I wasn't judging the girls, cuz I actually think they look great. As
17.04.2012, в 19:47
I love when people comment about them being too thin. They are healthy and in shape. A lot of high fashion models are very thin and under weight. I have worked with models for years and most of them stay in shape with a healthy diet and exercise. Yes, some of them do take unhealthy ways to get that thin and it's sad. Just like some girls are naturally curvy and bigger. How would you feel if people accused you of always sitting on your butt and only eating fast food? That's how skinny girls feel when you accuse them of having eating disorders.
17.04.2012, в 19:45
@kremenka because its the fashion world not the real world. Simply. And they are simply models, vessels to exhibit clothing. Nothing getting your panties in a bundle over.
17.04.2012, в 19:43
@audreapl are u for fucking real. Get outta here. It just makes insecure little girls like u develop eating disorders. That's my only problem with all these anorexic vs girls. They are 5'10 100 lbs and should weigh 60-70 lbs more than they do. Get a life u fucktards.
17.04.2012, в 19:41
Oh and another thing. VS has indeed bigger sizes, not just 'S', for all of us to enjoy - why is it not reflected visually in the catalog? Or the fashion show?
17.04.2012, в 19:40
Lol beyonce and vs models are completely different beyonce was on the cover of sports illustrated for her curves yah she's hot but vs has always been and always will be tall and slim girls its a lingere store.. and a bunch of women not as skinny being mad about it isn't gonna change it either
17.04.2012, в 19:35
@a_safira @dollyssa SHIDddDDdDDDD 😢😨😰😥
17.04.2012, в 19:34
Seriously people?! Seriously?? Why does it have to be both extremes? Pretty and skinny or fat and ugly... I'm not saying put an unhealthily overweight woman - absolutely not - that would be endorsing obesity. But this is not the only version of a good looking, healthy female. I wish I could see more ladies like Beyonce...
17.04.2012, в 19:33
I'll be there!!! ✌
17.04.2012, в 19:33
@kremenka agreed, apparently only 150 girls have walked for vs, 150 out of how many billion women in the world?!
17.04.2012, в 19:33
@giinacassan right? Agreed
17.04.2012, в 19:31
Pretty bra in the middle!! Love it so spring I have a dress like that!
17.04.2012, в 19:30
Your all stupid look up adrianna Lima she's the most beautiful vs model ever and has curly brown hair. Do ur research before u make yourself look stupid
17.04.2012, в 19:29
Welp, I think they are pretty!
17.04.2012, в 19:28
Look up Barbara palvin. She is a perfect example of VS variety. I think these girls are gorgeous. They are on diets AND workout so they maintain their slender build & STAY healthy. Of course in the modeling industry you will see those girls that are way too tiny. Usually, based off of what I've seen, Victoria's secret models are more curvy/fit than most of the other models in the industry. Again, just an opinion, but I don't really see VS trying to pull off that I-run-on-13-calories-a-day- look. I think they look great, and this ad is NOT what their ads typically look like. They don't do the 'stereotypical blond bimbo' thing...this is one photograph that they OBVIOUSLY paired them all together because they're blond. Some of you people want to criticize the industry and that's fine, because there ARE some of these tooooo tiny girls. I just don't think this ^ is it. Sorry for ranting, lol. I just don't know why you people follow VS if you aren't somewhat of a fan😜
17.04.2012, в 19:28
@audreapl that's not really true. I'm a fat woman, and think these women are beautiful. My daughter is not a VS model size but works at VS AND ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!! . @kremenka VS treats every woman with respect and dignity. Check out what goes on behind the scenes before judging a company based on an add. If you really knew what goes on at VS you would have respect for the company, not judgement. They know that women gone in different shapes and sizes, do who cares who they use to sell an item. If you're that unhappy why follow them on social media? Unless making drama and complaining is all you wanted to accomplish?
17.04.2012, в 19:27
I wish i was going its going to be off da hook i bet...
17.04.2012, в 19:27
Couldn't agree more! Well said @kremenka
17.04.2012, в 19:25
@kremenka I agree with you, I thank people need to see more normal sized girls. I'm not judgein the VS models at all, I wish I was as small as them myself, but I think that heavier people are hard on themselves because all we see are the super skinny girls.
17.04.2012, в 19:24
I agree @kremenka 👍👍
17.04.2012, в 19:18
Fat jealous people that can't get thin so they judge the pretty ones: always 👎👊👋
17.04.2012, в 19:16
The point is there needs to be some variety. Women come in all shapes, shades with different hair texture and all. Those girls are certainly fabulous, however, realistically only a small percentage of the population looks like that. Are the rest of us unworthy of VS? Shit, how many girls said they wished they looked like that just in this comment section...Media imagery has always ruled societal norms and it's about time respectable brands like VS open their eyes and ears and listen to consumers....
17.04.2012, в 19:14
I'm a brunette and personally I think there pretty. There not over the top unrealistic blondes.
17.04.2012, в 19:12
Wow, some folks are bitter, insecure and jealous, LOL
17.04.2012, в 19:05
17.04.2012, в 19:05
they're NOT anorexic. they're just slim, and there's nothing wrong with looking like that. they're very pretty girls and no matter how much you criticise them, it won't stop them being models. they're meant to sell the underwear to you, and they'd what they're certainly doing! x
17.04.2012, в 19:03
Ugh the 3 of them are so pretty💟
17.04.2012, в 18:55
Wow the vs girls looks skinnier thAn ever. Yes girls this is what u should all look like, anorexic starving Americans. Not.
17.04.2012, в 18:44
Why can't @jziegy and I be in Soho right now! One more month and we'll be living in #nyc
17.04.2012, в 18:43
This is going to be amazing
17.04.2012, в 18:43
they're so gorg! but what's with the bad photoshop? check Erin! Her body doesn't look natural and I bet she looks better without it!!
17.04.2012, в 18:39
Love vs!
17.04.2012, в 18:36
I wish I was a Victoria secret or pink model!!!
17.04.2012, в 18:34
Ok they all look the same !
17.04.2012, в 18:34
17.04.2012, в 18:34
they look beautiful 😊 but they just look the same.. I'm missing Adriana ❤
17.04.2012, в 18:33
You're all talking about their bodies (which are slender sure but not gross or abnormally skinny. Hello, they are models why would they be anything but 5"10 115 lbs) but no one has anything to say about those faces?.... eh
17.04.2012, в 18:29
Victoria secret has thin models selling their clothing some have a little extra then others but non the less they arent your average woman thats why they are VS models lol dif you have a problem with thinner woman stop following this page.....dont put down people not knowing what they go through its just as bad to insult someone who is insulting someone esle as well!!!...
17.04.2012, в 18:26
@lizzietupman I feel exactly the same. Totally agree with you. Everywhere I go people say: "omg you too skinny, you should try to gain some weight, you just have bones, you have no meat ( yes this is really rude but those people don't know what education is)" and what they don't know is that I am like this since always and I really tried a lot to gain weight, but don't matter what I eat or how much I eat, is really difficult for me to gain weight, and I end up feeling like I'm sick because people don't stop talking. I really hate that.
17.04.2012, в 18:25
Take a deep breath of reality
17.04.2012, в 18:25
This is called being fit. If you want a body like this you work for it by eating healthy and regular exercise. Most models are photoshopped anyway. If that comes as a surprise to you, please crawl out from beneath your rock and
17.04.2012, в 18:25
@dinaeg gå dit och säg hej !
17.04.2012, в 18:24
I wish I lived in NY 😔
17.04.2012, в 18:20
@naomibailly aha
17.04.2012, в 18:20
I love Erin @erinheatherton
17.04.2012, в 18:20
17.04.2012, в 18:19
When on Paris ?! 🇫🇷😱👍
17.04.2012, в 18:19
@lizzietupman who said u r ugly!!,,, i disagree, u r shiny flower and so beautiful,,, but on the other hand some people look care about faces, they should look at heart this important (:
17.04.2012, в 18:17
@lizzietupman don't stress it girl. I'm the same way, and people just don't seem to understand that we are all built differently- and understand that it's just as bad to call someone skinny and tell them they need to gain weight as it is to say they're fat and need to lose it. Whatever you are, own it. Let the haters hate.
17.04.2012, в 18:16
So difficult to choose 1 of them
17.04.2012, в 18:14
Ps these ladies look great!!! Stop the hating peeps
17.04.2012, в 18:14
So mad I'm working! I would love to meet Erin again as well as the other 2 :((((((
17.04.2012, в 18:14
NYC is 4 hours away. :/
17.04.2012, в 18:14
Where the curves
17.04.2012, в 18:13
😍😍 they look great! Enough said!😃
17.04.2012, в 18:12
Omfg... Eyegasm when Im looking arm
17.04.2012, в 18:11
no women of color smh
17.04.2012, в 18:10
who run the world!!! :D beautiful ladies
17.04.2012, в 18:10
Hopefully I'll be there
17.04.2012, в 18:09
Sick of people talking about skinny girls looking sick. I've tried eating aload and i can't gain weight, thanks for making me feel even uglier.
17.04.2012, в 18:08
They are not skinny, but slender, that is different:) gorgeous girls!
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