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Кори Штаудахер

Фотограф, дизайнер

05.12.10, 1:27
14 комментариев

Looks super Yum!


oh hey im such a stalker. I stalked you all the way back to your first picture. love your pictures.


I went all the way back to your first picture to see where u started at haha I'm a stalker 2!!!!


Great feed! Loved how how your pictures have changed.


So here's the beginning ..


First photo wow haha


Ahaha first photo under 50 likes to over 80,000! Heard you on cult of mac but have been following you for ages. Awesome stuff!!


Mesmerizing gallery. I couldn't stop scrolling 'til the very end.


I needed to see where you started. Amazing feed.


One more! I collect you ;)


So many beautiful pictures, congrats!


The fist is always so important that why we celebrate the original


@withhearts Awesome first shot to an awesome journey! Looking forward to seeing many more for years to come!   


Is this how it all started? Cheers!

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