Juicing to get through this raining hump day!

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19.09.2014, в 18:37
That RED 🙌🙌🙌
18.09.2014, в 22:50
18.09.2014, в 09:16
18.09.2014, в 06:10
Well, that was fun while it lasted.
18.09.2014, в 06:00
Obsessed? 1 rich man doesn't obsess over another rich man. There both on some next level shit let's just leave it at that
18.09.2014, в 05:49
if I was u bro honestly I wouldn't even give this nigga no energy ... just wait till u see him.. simple @monsieurbeloved
18.09.2014, в 05:16
@_amir_ 😂😂👌
18.09.2014, в 05:13
@b_cccxiv fam it's no rants like I said u don't gotta say his name like I said that's my uncle house u in and your gay u have pics of my little chuzins playing basketball. & when I see you I will smack the sh*t outta you. I told u to smd because where I'm from those or fighting words and nothing else needs to be explained. You right I am done. Remember choose your words carefully player. I would @ the family but I don't want u calling around asking for apologizes. So see u when I see u FYI I been in that house a billion times never seen u never heard of you. I can tell your a groupie because u thought I didn't know the house so u put his name in it lol. Your really broke and that little house that's worth what I gave out in clothes and sneakers and bikes to the kids in the neighborhood where I'm from. But none the less goodbye nobody.
18.09.2014, в 05:04
@monsieurbeloved : You again? Back with the emotional rants Didn't you just say goodnight already? Who's house I'm in? That's Shaquille's house. But scroll down more on my IG like 🌾👀🌾, you'll see MY house! Lol. I said kid because you talk like a child on the internet. Grow up lil boy, get out hotels and get houses or something to show for YOURSELF. You tell me to suck your dick AND meet you at a hotel? I just can't with comments like that. Grown men don't talk like that or type lyk dys fo 1!!! Smh Bro, just stop.
18.09.2014, в 04:59
@b_cccxiv just checked your ig Faggot. Ask my uncle who's house u in or anybody that's around if I'm a kid or if I'm anybody you wanna play with just ask. And that's the end of my discussion. I apologize @cmtnt for all this F*ckery on your page. 💯💯
18.09.2014, в 04:31
18.09.2014, в 04:30
@monsieurbeloved : LOL, broke? Lol. These IG kids. And you just told another man to suck your dick bruh? Ok, I'm done.
18.09.2014, в 04:29
@b_cccxiv fam I'm not in my feelings I try to be nice about shishh but I see you got my humbleness twisted u got me f*cked up I just spoke on a genuine statement. Suck My D*ck I don't got time for none of these games y'all broke N*ggaz wake up & be on N*ggaz ig's leaving comments and N*ggaz don't know you exist I actually know @cmtnt & @just_gram nobody knows you at all you sitting here coming at the wrong 1 I'm not into looking like no internet thug so F*ck the back & fourth shisshh hope u get paid For Sucking other N*ggaz balls and jocking they Instagram. But what I will say "I Got Work for you Meet Me at the Plaza Hotel" goodnight & eat a D*ck 💯💯 chill @just_gram no need to comment. He knows Brad
18.09.2014, в 04:28
@just_gram : About what lil homie? Y'all threw a stone, I threw it back. Period.
18.09.2014, в 04:24
You mad bruh, it's ok. @b_cccxiv
18.09.2014, в 04:20
@just_gram : @ me bro! Sorry, should have split the comments up since I was addressing 2 people.
18.09.2014, в 04:16
And the award for the longest Instagram comment goes to..
18.09.2014, в 04:14
There's more drama on this upload than there is on Maury. I love it 🙌
18.09.2014, в 04:07
@monsieurbeloved : I had to debate if I was even gonna respond to this lil boy shit. First, God, success, family & my son inspire me before anything champ! I been known about @cmtnt ..... Kills me how 1 comment by me put 2 grown men in their feelings. Last time I check, I commented on another man post, yet 2 other grown men show up with the "feminine defensive cape's" show up like it's their page.... In fact, I ain't even gonna keep going with you, dawg ...... @just_gram don't tag me on no slick shit lil homie! I can see if I was on some "lol" type shit with the dude that commented above being disrespectful. I ain't made like that, & I wasn't raised like that. I made a basic statement on what I thought I saw instead of consigning a disrespectful diss to @cmtnt by the dude above that did ..... Get out y'all feelings mane, we grown men.
18.09.2014, в 03:19
Goyard lookin fresh 👌
18.09.2014, в 02:35
18.09.2014, в 02:28
@b_cccxiv don't know you fam but they don't just make juices and goyard and good cars for just 1 N*gga you gotta check the stats kid just because it's not everyday post u gotta really examine @cmtnt page other than that no arguments. Go follow Brad I guess he inspire u and your man. Smh @just_gram where they make these dudes at
18.09.2014, в 02:26
Take me witchu
18.09.2014, в 02:25
@danfoster92 fam get off brads D*ck Check @cmtnt stats before u come sucking balls on another man. Why don't u get up and get u some money if u go through @just_gram you'll clearly see we winning B*tch
18.09.2014, в 02:21
Brad must be the only dude who can take pictures of Goyard and juice.. Smh. @danfoster92 @b_cccxiv
18.09.2014, в 02:14
goyarl i love 💅
18.09.2014, в 02:12
Esta too hot 🙌🙌
18.09.2014, в 01:49
You win😆
18.09.2014, в 01:18
18.09.2014, в 01:15
@danfoster92 : I thought this was @bradkush until I saw the name.
18.09.2014, в 01:12
18.09.2014, в 01:07
Hey Chris when you get bored of that duffel just let me know 😏
18.09.2014, в 01:07
@bradkush someone is obsessed with you
18.09.2014, в 01:04
18.09.2014, в 00:56
18.09.2014, в 00:52
@cmtnt need that wallet!
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